Friday, August 22, 2014

"Black Mass" Oklahoma City

Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City has been in a battle for a while with a group of satanists who call themselves the "Dakhma of Angra Mainyu" over a planned "satanic black mass" schedules for September in the civic center.

The archbishop has been protesting calling the event a affront to religion and Catholic hate. Adam Daniels who leads this satanic group claimed to have in his possession a communion wafer. He claims to have received it from a priest in Turkey who is really a satanist.  However, this cannot be confirmed nor if the wafer is really consecrated or bought from a religious goods store that sells communion bread.

Nevertheless, taking the situation seriously, the archbishop and others called on the group and the civic center to cancel the event. Neither seemed to comply until the archbishop decided to sue the satanic group claiming that the wafer is property of the Catholic Church. The lawsuit worked forcing the satanic group to return the wafer under the condition that the archbishop drop the lawsuit. Archbishop Coakley did exactly that and the wafer was returned.

I used the word "wafer" instead of host because to my knowledge, there hasn't been confirmation as to whether or not this wafer is indeed a consecrated host from a valid Catholic Mass.

It seems Oklahoma has a problem with satanism. Money was raised on indiegogo to install a statue of a demon at the state capitol. Satanists or those pretending to be them have popped up all over the United States using religion or current events to garner attention.  See:

This specific group in Oklahoma City seems to be a parody of satanism. Its founder/leader, Adam Brian Daniels is a registered sex offender who committed sexual battery of a person over 16 according to records.

Daniels is seen on video wearing what seems to be a monsignor or bishop roman cassock with an amaranth red lining and piping. It seems that this individual is mentally disturbed and needs our prayers.

So called "black masses" are offensive and a disrespect to religion. They are not real liturgical functions, but attempts to mock and parody the beliefs and rites of others.  This rite has as the main event the desecration by urinating and defecating on it.  Daniels describes the rite:

"The nude altar has to be dressed; there won’t be public urination, We would proceed to do the satanic consecration by forcing Jesus into the bread. At that point there will be things yelled at the bread, talking about how it’s a worthless chamberlain who doesn't do its job and all it does is sleep, doesn't answer any prayers and allows for its own people to be hurt, and because of it it has killed millions of our brethren, meaning pagans and Satanists alike throughout the centuries. At that point it will be dashed to the floor, and the deacon and sub-deacon will be smashing it and stomping on it." 

Adam Brian Daniels
I applaud archbishop Paul Coakley for continuing his battle and being creative in filing a lawsuit to the point of victory.  According to the Catholic League, the "black mass" was cancelled.  Let us continue to pray and contact Oklahoma City officials so that anything similar to this even will be prevented in the future.



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