Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Pope Uses 'Gay' Slur Again

Pope Francis allegedly used the word frociaggine (Italian word for "Faggotry) again account to the Italian news service ANSA. They claim that in a closed meeting with priests at the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome that the Pope said, “In Vaticano c’รจ aria di frociaggine” – meaning “In the Vatican, there is an air of faggotry.”  He also said to have stated that gay men can be "good boys" but that they should not be let into seminaries.  

This claim of his use of the word comes shy of a monthly apology for using the same phrase at a May 20th meeting with Italian bishops (see: The Pope's usage of the word is worrisome to those who call themselves "progressive" and who have seen his papacy as such. He did say "Who am I to judge" in reference to gay people and has been more open towards the homosexual community than any previous pope. There is no confirmation as of yet if this latest incident is accurate or truthful or is just an attempt by the Italian media to garner attention for their outlets.  

Moreover, some believe the pope is intentionally doing this in order to be more forceful about the no-gays-in-seminary policy and does not want the media to control him. In any event, the use of the word does contradict his open and pastoral work with homosexuals and the comments he made to an expelled seminary student who wrote to him regarding his expulsion after informing seminary officials that he was gay (see: Sacerdotus: Pope to Gay Man Rejected By Seminary: Continue On!).  

This time there is no news of an apology so we can assume that the word was not used again and this is just the Italian media publishing tabloids for hits, so to speak.  


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