Sunday, June 9, 2024

Reflection For Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B: The Human Condition

The Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time is a moment in the Catholic Church's liturgical calendar that invites the faithful to pause and reflect on the human condition, God's mercy, and the path to redemption. The readings for this Sunday offer a rich tapestry of themes that resonate with the experiences of believers across ages.

The first reading from Genesis presents the narrative of the Fall, where Adam and Eve's disobedience leads to their expulsion from Eden. This story sets the stage for a reflection on the human propensity to stray from God's commandments and the consequences that follow. Yet, even in this account of disobedience, there is a glimmer of hope. God's question, "Where are you?" is not merely an inquiry about physical location but a profound call for self-examination and recognition of one's state of being.

The responsorial Psalm 130 echoes this theme of mercy and forgiveness. It is a cry from the depths, a plea for God's unfailing love and redemption. The psalmist assures us that with the Lord, there is mercy and fullness of redemption, a promise that uplifts the spirit of the penitent.

In the second reading, Paul's letter to the Corinthians speaks of faith and conviction. Paul encourages the community to hold fast to their belief in the resurrection of Christ and, by extension, their own resurrection. This passage reminds the faithful of the transformative power of faith and the assurance of God's fidelity.

The Gospel according to Mark confronts the audience with the stark reality of Jesus' ministry—misunderstood by many, including his own family. Yet, it also presents the inclusive vision of the new family of God, bound not by blood but by the shared commitment to do God's will. This redefinition of kinship is radical and comforting, offering a place for all who seek to align themselves with divine purpose. Jesus seems to dismiss His mother and family but He really is not. He is literally saying that those who follow God and do God's will are His mother and family. In other words, they are PART of His family. They are God's children because they are aligned to God and God's will.  Many of our separated Protestant friends often cite this passage to attack our devotion to Mary and the saints. But in close inspection, any rational person who loves reading Scripture can see that Jesus attacking or dismissing His mother would go against the Commandment to Honor Father and Mother. Jesus would then have sinned. This of course is not possible. This is why we know what Jesus meant. He did not dismiss His mom or family. He was making a comparison that if we follow God's will we become His mom and family; literally His family!  

These readings collectively urge believers to contemplate the nature of sin, the boundlessness of God's mercy, and the call to live in accordance with God's will. They challenge the faithful to move beyond a preoccupation with the limitations of human frailty and to embrace the liberating truth of God's love and forgiveness.

For those reflecting on these readings, the message is clear: despite the fallibility of humanity, God's grace is sufficient. It is an invitation to rise from the depths of despair and to sit in union with Christ, becoming part of the spiritual family that transcends earthly ties. In the ordinary time of the Church's year, the faithful are reminded that every moment holds the extraordinary potential for renewal and sanctification.


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