Wednesday, June 26, 2024

DJ Rob Swift Goes After Tariq Nasheed

Exploring the Dynamic World of Hip-Hop: DJ Rob Swift and the Cultural Discourse

Hip-hop culture is a vibrant and ever-evolving art form, encompassing various elements such as DJing, rapping, breakdancing, and graffiti. At the heart of this culture lies the ongoing dialogue about its origins, influences, and the contributions of diverse communities. Recently, a fascinating exchange unfolded between DJ Rob Swift, a veteran turntablist and member of the X-ecutioners, and Tariq Nasheed, a filmmaker and internet personality known for his documentary and race-baiting work.

The discourse centered around the historical narrative of hip-hop's birth and the roles played by different ethnic groups in its development. DJ Rob Swift, in a series of tweets, challenged the notion that hip-hop was exclusively a Black American creation, highlighting the contributions of Latino artists in the early days of the movement. He cited figures like Trac 2 (Luis Angel Mateo) and Spy (Lein Figueroa), who were instrumental in shaping the breakdancing element of hip-hop.

Tariq Nasheed, known for his documentary "Microphone Check: The Hidden History of Hip-Hop," (see: engaged in this dialogue, questioning the claims about the ethnic diversity of hip-hop's pioneers. The exchange reflects a broader conversation within the hip-hop community about representation, acknowledgment, and the importance of recognizing the multifaceted roots of this global phenomenon.

DJ Rob Swift's journey in hip-hop is marked by significant achievements, including his participation in the 1992 American DMC Finals, his showcase at the 2017 DMC USA Finals, and his educational efforts in sharing the cardinal rules of DJing through various platforms. His commitment to the craft and his advocacy for a comprehensive understanding of hip-hop's history underscores the complexity and richness of the culture.

Both went at it on X (formerly Twitter) with DJ Rob Swift correcting Taqir Nasheed's anti-Puerto Rican rhetoric which attempts to erase Puerto Ricans from Hip Hop and its creation.  Puerto Ricans are co-creators of Hip Hop. There is no denying this (see: Nasheed's work attempts to use sophism and revisionism in order to rewrite Hip Hop history erasing Puerto Ricans and even the Bronx from the equations.  Pioneers like Dj Rob Swift and others are not having it and have countered Nasheed's lies and fabrications rooted in race-baiting and anti-Latino rhetoric.  

See the exchange on X (formerly Twitter):

As hip-hop continues to influence and be influenced by artists and enthusiasts worldwide, conversations like the one between DJ Rob Swift and Tariq Nasheed serve as a reminder of the genre's dynamic nature. They invite fans and practitioners alike to delve deeper into the narratives that have shaped hip-hop and to appreciate the diverse contributions that have made it the powerful and unifying art form it is today.

For those interested in exploring the technical skills and artistic expressions within hip-hop, DJ Rob Swift's insights and performances offer a window into the dedication and creativity required to excel in this field. His work, along with the ongoing debates about hip-hop's history, provides valuable perspectives for anyone looking to understand or participate in the culture.

As hip-hop approaches its fifth decade, the dialogue about its origins and evolution remains as relevant as ever. It is a conversation that not only celebrates the past but also shapes the future of this influential cultural movement. Whether through documentaries, social media exchanges, or live performances, the stories of hip-hop continue to inspire and challenge us, reflecting the diverse voices that have contributed to its enduring legacy.


DJ Rob Swift Slams Tariq Nasheed's "Hidden History Of Hip-Hop" Claims (

DJ Rob Swift Slams Tariq Nasheed's "Hidden History Of Hip-Hop" Claims (

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