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Trump vs Biden: Presidential Debate

The Dynamics of a Presidential Debate: A Closer Look at the 2024 Showdown

Presidential debates are a pivotal aspect of American democracy, offering a platform for candidates to present their policies, challenge their opponents, and persuade undecided voters. The first presidential debate of 2024 has already made headlines, with former President Trump and President Biden facing off in a heated exchange that captivated the nation.

The debate, held in Atlanta, was marked by a series of clashes over key issues such as immigration, the economy, and abortion rights. Trump's performance was perceived as dominant by some, with a CNN flash poll suggesting a majority of viewers considered him the winner. However, the debate was not without controversy, as both candidates engaged in personal attacks and Trump faced criticism for several misleading statements.

One of the most significant moments of the debate was the discussion on immigration, where Trump criticized Biden's policies, claiming they have turned every state into a "border state" and describing the situation as a "rat's nest". Biden, on the other hand, stumbled at times but regained his footing, countering Trump's physical fitness and labeling him a "whiner" and a "loser".

The debate also touched on the sensitive topic of abortion, with Trump stating he would not block abortion medication despite his administration's role in overturning Roe v. Wade. Biden vehemently disagreed with the overturning, promising to reinstate Roe's protections if re-elected.

The exchange between the two leaders was not just a battle of policies but also a display of their contrasting styles and approaches to leadership. The debate's impact on the electorate remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly sets the stage for a fiercely contested election.

As the country moves closer to election day, the importance of these debates in shaping public opinion cannot be overstated. They are a testament to the vibrant political discourse that defines the United States, and their influence on the democratic process is profound.

The 2024 Presidential Debate: Unpacking the Key Moments

The first presidential debate of 2024 was a spectacle of political theater, with President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump engaging in a verbal duel that left the audience both intrigued and concerned about the future of American politics. The debate was rife with significant moments that will likely be dissected and discussed in the days leading up to the election.

One of the most talked-about moments was the candidates' refusal to shake hands at the beginning of the debate, breaking from a long-standing tradition and setting a contentious tone for the evening. This act was symbolic of the deep divisions within American politics and the personal animosity between the two candidates.

The debate took a personal turn when the topic of military service was broached. Biden invoked the memory of his late son, Beau Biden, who served in Iraq, in response to reports that Trump had previously referred to U.S. veterans as "suckers" and "losers." Biden's emotional defense of his son's service and his subsequent labeling of Trump as the "sucker" and "loser" was a poignant moment that resonated with many viewers.

Another key moment was the discussion on the January 6th Capitol riot. Trump refused to accept responsibility for the events of that day, instead attempting to shift the blame to others. Biden, in contrast, held firm in his condemnation of the rioters and Trump's role in inciting them, emphasizing the need for accountability.

The economy was also a central topic, with both candidates sparring over their records and plans to address inflation and job growth. Trump touted his administration's economic achievements, while Biden pointed to his efforts to rebuild the economy post-pandemic.

Abortion rights, a deeply divisive issue, were also front and center. Trump celebrated the overturning of Roe v. Wade and falsely claimed that Biden's administration supported late-term abortions and infanticide. Biden committed to restoring the protections of Roe v. Wade, highlighting the importance of reproductive rights.

The debate was not without its gaffes. Biden stumbled during a discussion on healthcare, which Trump quickly capitalized on, accusing Biden of planning to "wipe out Medicare". These moments of vulnerability and attack are often what stick in the minds of voters and can sway public opinion.

Climate change, another critical issue, saw Trump boasting about his environmental record, despite having withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accords. Biden countered by emphasizing the urgency of addressing the climate crisis and criticized Trump's lack of action.

The debate showcased the stark contrasts between the two candidates, not only in policy but in demeanor and approach to leadership. As the nation processes the flurry of exchanges from the debate, it is clear that these key moments will play a significant role in shaping the decisions of voters as they head to the polls.

Our take on the Presidential Debate 2024. 
Biden clearly lost. He was disorientated, incoherent, and sounded like Don Corleone from the Godfather franchise (campaign workers claim he has a cold), and his policies were not clear. He looked senile and at many times appealed to pity with his body language.  It is no surprise that his democratic party is in panic mode and there are talks of trying to remove him from the ticket while others are even considering the idea that he should be removed from office now.  This is serious indeed!  The Joe Biden we saw tonight is not the same one we saw in 2020 where words like "malarkey" were thrown around and we saw a feisty candidate animated and confident.  Tonight we saw a frail man who looked out of it. He could hardly be understood prompting Trump to state, "I didn't understand what he said and I don't think he knows what he said."  

Biden looked more like a senile old man in a nursing home who is having trouble collecting his thoughts instead of a viable presidential candidate.  He confirmed to the world what Trump and many others have been stating about his age and fitness to serve. This is why his campaign and party are in panic mode. They do not know what to do.  Biden looked robotic and confused at times. His reactions were slow and he often contradicted himself.  

Trump won, but only in optics and presentation, not content. He deflected a lot, repeated his record, and never gave policies for this term if he wins. It was more narcissistic than anything else. Trump did not give any new ideas or plans. He simply argued from authority highlighting his claims of achievements. Many of the things he said were misinformed or simply just not true. They were embellished statements clearly meant to give an air of confidence and stability. People watching and who know the facts were left shaking their heads in disbelief at the falsehoods and half-truths the former president posited during the debate.

Like typical Trump, he focused on illegal immigrants blaming them for pretty much everything except the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. He deflected on numerous occasions and often took the time to address Biden's previous comments instead of the questions posed by the moderators.  He was composed during the debate, a rarity for him. There were no outbursts or overspeaking on the part of Trump. He followed the rules. 

In closing, both candidates did not do well on the material.  They often deflected, especially Trump. Neither addressed childcare nor explicitly explained anything about their plans regarding addressing climate change.  At times, it looked like two old men arguing and then forgetting what they argued about. At times we felt sorry for Biden who looked like a fish out of water, so to speak. He looked so fragile and aloof that it can almost be said with confidence that his attendance there was abuse on the part of the democratic party and his campaign.  He should not have been there. 

This debate confined for voters many things, among them, that Biden is simply unfit to be president now or in 2024. He simply cannot do this anymore.  He should be retired in Delaware with his wife and pets. His performance or lack thereof brings to question who is really running the White House.  There is no way we can confidently believe that this man we saw tonight is the commander-in-chief.  There has to be a skeleton crew working behind the scenes, so to speak. 

Moreover, voters have confirmation of what we all have been concerned with: there really is no viable candidate. The 2024 election will be one for the history books. On one hand, we have a sitting president who is clearly no fit for office, and on the other, we have a former president recently convicted as a felon who continues the same rhetoric from 2016 without any plans on how to address today's issues.  In regards to abortion, he has also flipped-flop on the issue now claiming he is for "exceptions" when in the past he said otherwise and claimed to be truly pro-life. 

The United States of America is in a pickle, in a word.  It may be time to figure out how to create a better system that vets candidates so we will never repeat this election year again. We cannot have criminals or senile folks run for office. The presidency is an important job.  This is not a school president or president of a club. This is the president and leader of the so-called free world.  

Tonight's debate most likely shifted views but diehard democrats will still vote for their person without considering the consequences. We see this in blue states where despite a Democrat doing a horrible job, he or she has an assured job as long as blind democrats vote on party lines instead of conscience and reason.  Similarly, Republicans will vote for anyone who is strong against illegal immigration and abortion. They do not seem to know there are other issues out there.  

Credit must also be given to the CNN moderators who are softened biased against Trump. They were fair, did not help either candidate, gave both fair time and attention, and did a good job.  Kudos to them despite Dana Bash dressed in the cliche white for women's suffrage.  

An online poll we conducted on X (formerly Twitter) is below the sources. They show a win for Trump. 



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