Saturday, June 22, 2013

Response to: Exodus closes down makes christians void

Once again "Bruce Llama" has briefly commented on my post regarding the closing of Exodus International.  His blog post can be found here.

He apparently finds issue with my response.  I will response to each point here.  My comments will be in black and his original text in blue:

<<He has the audacity to talk about finding a way to ‘work with homosexuals’ so that they don’t feel any burden or stigma. But before you think how wonderful that is the preceding sentence sinks his goodwill and shows just how harmful religious people are. Telling me, telling gay people that we are sinful and that my sexuality is dangerous because I ‘practice’ it is to apply a stigma and a burden.>>

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, the Church tells everyone that all are sinners.  This is our mission.  God has revealed to us via Jesus Christ what it is that we must do to return to the original glory that was lost by Adam and Eve.  No one is isolating homosexuals as the sole sinners on Earth.  All have fall short of God's grace and have sinned.  (Romans 3:23)  Telling one another not to sin is no different that telling an alcoholic to stop drinking.  The bottomline is that we do not want our brothers and sisters to fall into vice.  Just because one has the free will to do anything, does not mean that the "anything" must be evil and is a good.  

<<Exodus International is a delightful example of what should be happening to religious organisations that attempt to tell others how sinful they are. A bit of self-reflection and honesty would show just how fraught and dangerous religious extremists are. They have no interest in helping people, their only interest is in the preservation of their narrow view of the world based on their lies of there being a supernatural being.>>

Sacerdotus replies:

I am not not well informed as to how the therapies at Exodus International went, but they are closing due to harm they feel they are doing to homosexuals.  If one is preaching the Good News, then no harm should be done.  This is why Christians must preach the Gospel in charity.  God is the one who coverts people.  Unfortunately, some Christians believe that they are the ones who convert and this is not so.  God is the one who moves hearts to accept the message at any given point in the listener's life span.  I understand the anger some may feel - who are you to tell me what to do?  Well, as Christians we believe we belong to the human family.  We all must care for one another.  Tough love is never attractive.    

To my knowledge, Exodus International did not put homosexuals to death nor stoned them.  The help they offered was merely counseling which I assume is similar to that found at any alcoholic anonymous groups.  Whether patients were harmed by it or not really has to do more with the individual.  Psychologists often have patients who leave sessions worse than when they have entered.  Some even succeed in committing suicide despite the accepted psychological practices that are approved for treatment.

<<Here’s a whole galaxy, so far removed from us that we will never get there. Do you know how much this galaxy cares where you put your willy?>>

Sacerdotus replies:

I would not say that we will not get there.  Eventually the technology will exist that will allow humanity to travel farther into the stars.  If there is life on other worlds, I am sure they will be concerned as to whether or not any other life out there cares for itself and is not reckless.  The movie, "The day the Earth Stood Still" comes to mind.  In it, a visitor comes with a message to humanity that it is too violent and other worlds are concerned with it bringing that violence to outer space.  Caring for others does sometimes bring up the question, "what are you doing?"  This is unavoidable.    

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