Sunday, June 23, 2013

How God Uses Atheists to Spread His Word

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. -Romans 8:28

Anyone who has read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation will probably notice something unique if the reader has a keen sense.  This "something unique" is that God uses the people and circumstances that are irrational in order to do His will.  In other words, God uses the impossible to do the possible.  He uses the "hard" way rather than the "easy" one.  This is one of the reasons why atheists and those who are skeptic find it hard to accept the attributes of God.  They will begin to shout out their fallacious questions:
  • How can God be omniscient?  
  • How can God be good?  
  • How can God be intelligent?  
blah blah blah  

These questions stem from a poor understanding of Scripture and Church doctrine.  They are not intelligent questions of the "enlightened" mind that appeared out of nowhere in order to destroy God and religion.  They are stupid questions asked by those who do not comprehend what God really is and what He has revealed to humanity.  

You reading this post probably were attracted to it because of the title: "How God Uses Atheists to Spread His Word."  You are probably wondering what the heck am I writing about?   How are atheists helping spread God's word if they do not believe in Him and would not spread around what they consider to be "fairy tales."  Well, one must think critically in order to understand where I am coming from in writing this post.

While it is true that Atheists do not believe in God and consider anything related to Him to be superstition or fairy tales, this does not mean that they are not helping promote God.  Atheists help spread God's word by keeping the debate going, so to speak.  By making themselves public and questioning God and religious beliefs, they are drawing attention to the former.  With the advancement of technology on the internet and the creation of new social networks such as Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and so on, atheists are taking advantage of these means in order to further their cause. 

Because of this effort to advance the atheist cause, they are awakening believers of all faiths.  More and more apologetic websites, blogs and profiles are appearing on the internet than ever before.  

I myself, when using Twitter for the first time, did not know much about it nor cared much for social networking.  However, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's call to use the media to evangelize had to be met especially if I am to be a priest in the modern era of technology.  When I first used twitter, I posted prayers.  Little did I know that as I tweeted, I was receiving hateful "@ mentions." I was totally oblivious of them since I did not know how to use twitter.  When I discovered the "@ mentions" feature, this is when I noticed the large volume of vitriolic comments against me, God, the Church. I even received death threats from atheists in Florida!

The more I tweeted, the more my mentions became a feeding frenzy of pro-abortion folks, gays, and atheists.  I eventually came across a great religious sister on twitter who does a great job evangelizing and asked her in this tweet:

As a novice on twitter, I did not know whether to engage these people or not.  Eventually I did and started a blog thanks to Sr. Lisa's advice.

My engagement with atheists eventually attracted this crazy gender-confused guy who goes by the caricature of halloween grandmother mask named "Rosa Rubicondior."  One can tell that this individual is a youth who uses twitter as a cathartic outlet.  This self-proclaim atheist messaged me a few times and then blocked me when I began to engage him.  At first, I had no idea he was messaging me.  I thought nothing of it until the individual continued to mention me knowing that I could not reply back because I did not return the "block" on him.

This is when I decided to learn more about this guy.  I noticed he had a blog and seemed to be the ringleader of atheists on twitter.  In light of this small investigation, I then invited him to a debate hoping it to be an opportunity for all to see both sides of the issue and learn.  However, this individual apparently is not used to being confronted and began to panic.  In his panic, he began to dilly dally to the point of denying that he even received and accepted the debate.  To this day, this deranged man continues to deny that I invited him to a debate which he accepted despite the evidence of his own tweets still recorded on servers throughout the globe.

Ironically, God used "Rosa Rubicondior" to do His will.  Due to Rosa's antics, my followers increased dramatically on twitter.  My blog traffic increased dramatically as well.  Rosa has never faced a challenger such as myself who holds four university degrees, particularly in the sciences; a field Rosa pretends to hold a grasp on.  In order to save face, Rosa then began to call me by a kid's name.  I did not understand why until I noticed that he began to Google online and founds different sites with the "chi rho" symbol.  To this day, I do not understand where he got the name from since it cannot be found anywhere.  It seems that he pulled a random name and linked it to me.

Rosa did this in order to discredit me as some "failed seminarian" which is not true at all.  I wonder what he will do when ordination comes and I will no longer be "Sacerdotus" but "Father."  This will be interesting indeed.  In any event, Rosa even took the time to make blog posts linking me to this kid as well as other twitter accounts!  Rosa began to show us all how mentally unstable he is.  Ironically, Rosa's attempt to do me harm by posting lies was a grace in disguise.  More and more people began following me on twitter, emailing me and visiting my blogs!

God has used Rosa Rubicondior in order to bring more people to hear His word!  Not only is He using him, but other atheists and those who become curious of this "Sacerdotus" as they read my responses to the sophism atheists post throughout the internet.  Because of Rubicondior and other atheists, many have emailed me inquiring how to become a Catholic!

God can use anything, even atheism to bring the Good News to all!  Rosa Rubicondior and atheists are just tools in the hands of God.  Even Rosa Rubicondior's recent suspension has brought more followers to me.    

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