Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all. 

Today is a special day where we honor our fathers.  Every day should be father's day in fact.  Without our fathers, we would not be conceived.  Without our fathers, boys would not learn what it is to be masculine nor will girls learn what the opposite sex is. 

In today's world where divorce is rampant and alternative families are being pushed as normal, this day is becoming more and more significant.  Fatherhood is a dying breed.  Starting a family used to be something a man was proud of. It was one of the high-points of being a "man."  Unfortunately, far too often, some men have sex with their girlfriends or wives and then disappear when news comes that she is pregnant.  Childhood has become a disease that men must run from. 

This begs the question: Where are the real men?  It takes a real man to stick by his woman and care for her and his child.  Only a coward would run away from that natural responsibility which is wired in all males.  Women are not sex toys that men use to have fun and then move on.  Only boys play with toys. 

Masculinity is also under attack.  With the introduction of "gender theory," the meaning of what it means to be a man is watered down to personal cultural taste.  Even women can be masculine according to this theory.  It is one of the biggest deceptions of all time.  It is creating societies where no one knows what a male or female is.  It turns the human species into a fictitious androgynous race like the "J'naii" in Star Trek, The Next Generation series.

Walking around the city, it is hard not to notice guys wearing jeans so tight that they look girlish by showing off hips and buttocks.  Some even pluck or wax their eyebrows so much that they look effeminate and just strange.  What is interesting is that this style is being used by heterosexual males, not just homosexuals. 

What is the world coming to?

I believe it was Our Lady of La Sallette who warned that fashions would be introduced in the world that will offend God greatly.  She was right.   

The role of the man is being attacked.  Having a father is extremely important in a child's life.  Studies show that children who grow without their fathers have problems in society.  Many do poorly in school, get involved in drugs and criminal activity, and many end up in prison. 

Homosexual adoption is a big problem because of this.  A child with parents of the same gender will only bring about confusion and problems.  Nature only provides for what it has already designed.  In other words, a male and female union is the only way a child can be reproduced.  Therefore, this union is the only one necessary for a child's healthy development. 

Let us pray for all fathers and all men who might be considering starting a family.  Let us pray for all deceased fathers, both good and bad.      

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