Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review: Beyond Gay, by David Morrison

The book "Beyond Gay," by David Morrison is a unique book.  The book tells the story of the author who was once a prominent gay activist in the LGBT community.  Morrison, a journalist participated in gay rights marches, pride events, and pushed for the acceptance of homosexuality as a norm in society.

As a gay man, he had partners and experienced the gay lifestyle.  One day he just began to question all things about the LGBT lifestyle.  He was not happy.  A subculture that uses the word "gay" would naturally be thought of as producing happiness right?  Moreover, the gay lifestyle is pushed as fun, sexy, and adventurous.  However, Morrison saw something else.  It was a destructive life.  A life of sin, hedonism, reckless behavior and apathy towards one another in the gay community.  He had enough of it and wanted more - something better.

As St Augustine so eloquently expressed, "Our hearts are restless, until they rest in you," so too did Morrison feel this restlessness and wanted to rest.  He realized that this rest can only be found in God.  After facing the same hardships in the LGBT community as others today face, Morrison sought God.  He converted to Catholicism and dedicated his life to chastity.  Morrison, in his book, gives a charitable picture of what it means to be gay and how the LGBT agenda works.  He shows us his pains, struggles and confusion in thinking he was "born gay" and had to adhere to the demands of the LGBT subculture.  He hints at how the LGBT movement is a product of the Sexual Revolution of the 50's, 60's and 70's.  This is true indeed.  I found it correlating to stories I read in the book: "The Hite Report on Male Sexuality," by Shere Hite which presents graphic personal accounts of how men and boys explored their sexuality.  Many of the stories are from men born during the Sexual Revolution who shared them with Hite.
Morrison's book is a great read for anyone who is struggling with homosexuality and for anyone just looking to learn what it is like.  This book can prepare clergy and others on how to be more pastoral with homosexuals in their parishes or groups in the church.  Pope Francis and the popes before him have always stressed the importance of human dignity and how the Church must be welcoming.  This book will help those reading it realize that gays are human just like all of us; unfortunately, they are bound by this subculture that presents a colorful fun life when in reality it is dreadful.  It is no wonder why homosexuals have the highest rates of mental illness.

David Morrison with Bl. John Paul II
This lifestyle is not healthy and Morrison gives us a first hand account of why by sharing his story.  He also gives homosexuals hope in the One can do anything in Him who strengthens. (Philippians 4:13)  Homosexuality is not the be all and end all of life.  A homosexual does not have to be a slave to homosexuality.  Christ can set you free and Morrison is an example of this.

I recommend the book to all those seeking to learn more about homosexuality and how God can break the hardships that it brings to homosexuals.  It will also inspire readers to live a chaste life and seek God for a better understanding of human sexuality whether homosexual or not.  A few years ago, I recommended the book to a Lesbian radio host I met and she is now completely transformed.  The book helped her a great deal.  There are also other gay friends who are reading the book and are on their way.  Pray for them and all homosexuals.  God loves them too and has not forgotten them.  

Read this interview with Morrison - 


  1. Very odd and self-hating message, one that poor David Morrison has been preaching for twenty five years. While he may have a point that marriage sacramentally enshrines the act of creation, he ignores the joy that gays couples find in mutual comfort and support and in sexual relations as an expression of love and intimacy. In defending his own paucity of emotion and his hatred of self and sex, he attempts to apply his standards of Roman doctrine to all gay couples. And one question: no one I know has ever heard of a former "gay activist" named David Morrison. It's about time he published his resume or we'll assume his claim as an obvious and self-serving canard, like so much of what he writes and claims.

    1. Hello John, thanks for your comment. David is not here to defend himself, so may I suggest directing your criticism on him directly to him. Perhaps he may address your concerns. As for your claim about "the joy that gay couples find.." do you have evidence to support this? I have many gay friends who say the opposite. They decry how the gay lifestyle is full of infidelity and "games." Gay people rely on apps to find "love" but instead are met with hook ups, disease and escorts using the title to mask their intention: prostitution. From what I have read and have been told from gays directly, the gay lifestyle is not one of love and joy. It is one of hedonism, egoism, lookism and licentiousness.


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