Thursday, June 6, 2013

Incestuous Big Brother

"Big Brother" has become very incestuous according to news reports.  I am of course referring to the US government.  News outlets are reporting that the Obama administration has been spying not only on reporters, but American citizens in general.

It has be revealed that the Obama administration had a secret order that demanded the phone records of those who use Verizon.  Moreover, the spying also goes cyber with the government monitoring the social network profiles, email accounts and other online services Americans use.

This is scary indeed, but not a surprise.  The Obama administration has been suspect since the early campaign days in 2008.  Many found the messages and ideas too similar to socialism.  Others saw Obama as trying to destroy the Constitution and democracy.  It seems that the suspicions were not unwarranted.  Obama prided himself as being a transparent leader who would not hide anything from the people.  However, this invasion of privacy was a big secret.

With the passing of "Obamacare" as well as other executive orders, it was clear that President Obama wants total control over America.  This is contrary to the values of our governmental system.  The founding fathers wished for a government that served its people, not the other way around.  The early settlers came from Europe which was run by tyrannical monarchs who abused the people.  They did not want to repeat the experience from the old world so they designed a system in the new world that would make it impossible for one man to have absolute power over all.

It is troubling to hear that our president is spying on all of as as if we are enemies of our own nation.  Granted, we have crazies within us such as the Boston brothers who bombed the marathon; however, tracking these people down must be done in a way that does not invade the privacy of all Americans.

Little by little, our freedoms and rights are being taken away.  America is becoming a fascist state.  First the freedom of religion and conscience, then being forced to buy a government product, then the right to bear arms, and now privacy.  Eventually, our possessions might become part of the government's assets.  I will not be surprised if this happens.  I do not blame grassroots groups such as the Tea Party  for being concerned with "Big Brother."

We must pray for our nation.  Those who voted for Obama are now regretting that decision.  This is why it is important to study a candidate prior to voting.  Most people vote based on fanaticism or for cultural reasons.  In the end, we all pay for it.

Big brother is becoming incestuous and must be stopped!

Check out this funny video regarding Verizon and Obama:


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