Monday, June 3, 2013

"Cute" Gay Boys

A yearbook at a high school in NY listed a couple as the "cutest" couple.  This couple was not a normal one, but a homosexual one.

Two boys, Brad Taylor and Dylan Meehan are photographed embracing in the yearbook.  The photo has gone "viral" according to some sites.  Some are applauding this as a sign that "progress" is taking place.

In my opinion, this is a disturbing trend.  People are not being taught the dangers of the homosexuality subculture.  Homosexuality used to be a mental illness according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM.  It wasn't until the 1970's-1980's that it was removed after politicking took place.

Not enough research was done regarding homosexuality and whether or not it is truly a mental illness.  One of the signs of a mental disorder is anti-social behavior.  This is not the anti-social word you may be thinking of.  Anti-social behavior means disobeying the norms of society.  In other words,  homosexuals were not seen as a threat to society as a typical psychopath.  Because of this, homosexual was slowly weened off the list as being part of "normal" human behavior.

Unfortunately, this was a time where psychology was still developing.  Cognitive psychology was relatively new and in its infancy. Genetics research was not even as advanced as today.  Research in genetics shows that there is no homosexual gene.  This was not known over 30 years ago.  Homosexuality was quickly removed and no thought given to its origins thereafter.  We are left asking questions and demanding evidence, and to these we receive replies such as, "you're a homophobe," "we are normal."  

Today, homosexuals have the highest rates of mental illness.  Some say this is because of gay bullying; however, African Americans have been bullied since the foundation of America and their rates of mental illness do not even come close to those of homosexuals.  Obviously, bullying or other forms of harassment is not the cause.  There is something deeper.

The approval of this homosexual couple is disturbing in that this abnormal behavior is given the stamp of approval, if you will.  Biologically speaking, a homosexual couple is not compatible.  That is the first area we should focus on when questioning the validity of homosexual relationships.  Naturally speaking, they serve no purpose other than to appease sexual desires.

Our clergy must speak out against this in the pulpit and educate our people.  Their silence can be interpreted as an approval of homosexuality.  This is why parents are not working hard enough to prevent their children from falling into this deviant behavior.




  1. SEX IS AS NATURAL AS BREATHING - - Homosexual sex is the response one sees in MOUSE HEAVEN EXPERIMENTS - - Everything heavenly possible to human intellect is provided for the mice - - the population rises and just under 2/3 capacity to human observers - - antisocial behaviour starts - - fighting over certain nest boxes while others remain untouched - - homosexual activity too - - but the population falls, never stopping at a reasonable level(to human observers) and the last female reaches her menopause and the colony dies out - - AND THIS EXPERIMENT has been tried several times !!! The human population on earth is today exhibiting similar signs !!!

    1. Experiments with mice do not imply causation or correlation. Humans are not mice and vice-versa. Human beings are much more complex and rational beings. Homosexuality is a outlier that serves no benefit to the human race. A species needs to reproduce in order to survive. The existence of homosexuality denies this process to a species. Therefore, it is intrinsically disordered.

  2. Homosexuality is not an illness neither is it abnormal. sincerely, an open minded person.

    1. Mainstream psychology states this, but it is based on politics, not research. Psychology was pressured to remove homosexuality from the list of disorders despite it fitting the criteria. Homosexuality is not genetic and therefore, is learned or nurtured. If you had an open mind, you would be more objective instead of accepting the status quo. An opened minded person questions. Decades ago, science taught that Blacks were 3/5th persons. Imagine if we would have left that "fact" alive... Homosexuality intrinsically disordered. It has no natural purpose and is an outlier in human behavior.


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