Saturday, June 1, 2013

Benedict XVI, Francis and Don Bosco

The last few months with Pope Francis have been interesting.  Pope Francis is definitely different from Pope Benedict XVI.  However, they both share a devotion to both the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary that should be imitated by all Catholics. 

Recently, Pope Francis has called on Catholics worldwide to join him on Corpus Christi June 2, 2013 in the first ever worldwide Eucharistic adoration.

What came to mind when I learned of this was Don Bosco's dream of the Pope steering the bark of Peter between the two pillars.  The two pillars are the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

In the dream, the bark is under attack by smaller boats.  The seas are stormy, so the bark is facing both the elements as well as the attackers.  The Pope is able to steer the ship past the two pillars and into calm waters.

Is this dream coming to reality now in 2013 with Pope Francis, or did it happen already with Pope Benedict XVI who was on the bow of a ship during the World Youth Days in Germany and Australia?

We have just entered June the month of the Holy Eucharist leaving May the month of Mary as our Mother.  Is the bark (Catholic Church) entering the two pillars in Don Bosco's dream?

It is no mystery that the Catholic Church is under attack from all angles, even from within.  We have atheists, secularists, protestants and others attacking her from the outside.  We also have dissidents, homosexuals, and feminists attacking her from within by rising up in the ranks of the Church and attempting to cause scandal or push for change.  If that is not enough, the sex abuse scandals that are decades old are causing havoc to the Church's image today.  Catholic universities are turning their backs on Church teaching, clergy and religious are living double lives and abusing the use of money.  What more can go wrong?  The Church is indeed in stormy waters and under attack.  Only via Jesus and Mary can the Church face any obstacles and come out victorious.   


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