Friday, June 28, 2013

6 year-old Transgender

Coy Mathis, 6
An interesting news report has been circulating for quite some time.  The circumstance surrouding the story is unique indeed.  The photo here looks like that of a young cute girl right?  However, the child pictured in the photo is Coy Mathis, a male of six years of age. 

Coy believes that he is a girl.  He feels that he was born in the "wrong body."  As a result, he dresses like and takes on the female gender role.  While attending school, he wanted to use the girl's bathroom but was prevented by school officials.  His parents filed a complaint and the Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that Coy can use the girl's bathroom at school.

This news is troubling indeed.  How can a school allow a boy to use the girl's bathroom?  His parents and the Civil Rights Division obviously are not aware of Gender Dysphoria Disorder.  In Gender Dysphoria Disorder, the person with this condition insists that he/she is of the opposite sex.  He/she will behave and dress like the gender he/she feel he really is.  Some go as far as having surgery to alter their bodies in order to fit their desired gender. 

Coy's parents even allow their other children to dye their hair different colors.  It is obvious that they engage in Permissive Parenting which can be harmful to children.  Permissive Parenting is a style of parenting in which parents are lax and do not provide any clear structure in the lives of children.  Children are allowed to behave as they wish with no consequences.   

Coy needs psychological treatment instead of permissive parenting.  Moreover, allowing him to use the girl's bathroom will cause confusing with other children and will open the door for others to ask for the same.  Males can claim to be "female" just to have access to the girl's bathroom. This can be extremely dangerous.  It will also affect employees who may prevent these people from using the bathroom as in the Macy's case where a worker was fired for preventing a transvestite from using the women's changing room


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