Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rafael Ramos Laid to Rest

Talk about the funeral of all funerals in New York City.  Today, police officer Rafael Ramos who was assassinated last Saturday was laid to rest.  Over 35,000 police officers from all over the 50 states and even Canada as well as other civilians came to the funeral. The Evangelical worship edifice only sits 800 so the rest were lined up for blocks outside.  I am from New York and have never seen a funeral with so many people and so much display of military style salute.

In attendance were vice president Biden, governor Cuomo, mayor Di Blasio, former mayor Giuliani, the family of slain officer Liu and of course the Ramos family.  The family did not speak at the funeral service. Politicians and the pastors of the Christ Tabernacle sect spoke instead giving words of encouragement to the family. Commissioner Bratton announced that both police officers would be promoted to detective posthumously.  The now Detective Ramos was also officially named a chaplain as well.  He had been studying in the chaplaincy program for the NYPD and was set to graduate the day he was assassinated. The speakers at the funeral described Ramos as being a man of faith who thought of his job as part of God's work. The Ramos family were visibly in pain, especially the older son Justin who had a face of anguish. The younger son Jaden seemed to be holding in his emotion.

Unfortunately, the ceremony was tarnished by some foolish officers who turned their backs at the jumbo-trons as mayor Di Blasio spoke. This was in poor taste in my opinion. Now the media is focusing on this instead of the life of Detective Ramos. These officers should get suspended in my opinion. They should have waited until both officers were laid to rest in order to continue their childish behavior.

In any event, the ceremony was amazing.  I have never seen anything like it in regards to a police officer ceremony.  There was even a fly over with helicopters in formation. Over 400 officers on motorcycles lead the procession to the cemetery. With the exception of the back-turning cops, the ceremony was dignified and gave a respectful and solemn farewell to the Puerto Rican officer who was assasinated just for being NYPD.  Kudos to each speaker and the pastors who did an excellent job using their words to comfort us all.  Kudos to the organizers both at Christ Tabernacle and the NYPD.

Thank you Detective Rafael Ramos for your dedication and service. You will not be forgotten.  May God bless your soul and give you the rest you deserve. You have made Christ proud for as He said, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13)"

Some images from the funeral:


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