Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Royal Criticism

The "Royals" from the United Kingdom, William and Kate Middleton visited the United States. Kate went to New York the first day and William to Washington D.C. to meet president Obama and speak on wildlife preservation. Things seemed like typical visit from a royal until they both were in New York City.

Some flocked to see the royal pair as they went to a charity in Harlem. While there, Kate learned that her status as "duchess" means nothing in New York. While wrapping toys for children, she was taking here time.  Immediately, a staffer scolded at her saying, "keep wrapping!"  Kate looked in disbelief and gave a sassy eyeroll which has captured the attention of some juvenile people online. I found the whole thing hilarious because we New Yorkers don't give a you-know-what who you think you are.  To us, you're just another person and will be treated as such.  New Yorkers are known for being direct and sometimes rude. This social script has gotten me in trouble countless times as I tend to be very honest, blunt, direct and frank with anyone.

Furthermore, the royal couple visited the World Trade Center memorial and also watched a basketball game in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. Here another interesting event took place. Rapper Jay Z and his wife Beyonce met with both royals as protesters were outside shouting "we can't breathe" protesting the non-indictment of officer Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner. After the game, "King" LeBron James met with William and Kate.  They exchanged gifts and then the "incident" or "faux pas" occurred which had the British media up in arms whining. During the photo opt, LeBron James placed his arm around Kate which the British media decried as "disrespectful" and a "breach of protocol."  Supposedly you're not supposed to touch the "royals." Give me a bloody break English people!

Moreover, the Royal Palace in London clarified that no protocol was breached. Laura King who is the senior officer for communications at Buckingham palace said, "When members of the Royal Family meet people they want them to feel as comfortable as possible. There is no such thing as Royal protocol."

To be honest, if I were Kate, I would have been more upset that LeBron put his sweaty armpits on me than anything else. That is just disgusting.  Nevertheless, I can understand why the British might see the arm thing as offensive and an "alpha male" stance which may be an indirect challenge to William's "royal masculinity."  Standing at 6'8'' LeBron surely is an alpha male next to most males. In any event, I think the whole thing is ridiculous and shame on the British people for adopting stupid customs that place this family on pedestals as if they were divine.  Shame on some Americans fixated on the "Royal Family" as if they have any importance in America.  To us, they are just a rich family who the British people are obsequious to.

“For all men being originally equals, no one by birth could have the right to set up his own family in perpetual preference to all others forever, and tho' himself might deserve some decent degree of honours of his contemporaries, yet his descendants might be far too unworthy to inherit them.”
― Thomas Paine, Common Sense

I agree 100% with Thomas Paine. All men are equal under the eyes of God. The whole idea of monarchy is archaic and holds societies back. I really do not understand why the British people keep such ridiculous archaic customs. They have no need of royalty, it is 2014!  The British need to step into the 21st century and get rid of the "royal" family once and for all. The Queen and her family get paid over $12 million a year from taxes just for playing dress up with fancy gowns, crowns and what not.  It is a sham! How can the land that gave birth to Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Thomas Moore, Anselm of Cantebury allow the travesty that is the royal family?

This archaic institution needs to go.  They are simply the mascot of England.  It is a waste of money, resources and takes away from the dignity of the British people who are free and equal.















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