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The Case of Curt

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Atheists Love Sacerdotus
My popularity among people who pretend to be atheists is pretty much carved in stone, if you will. They go about Twitter; some even have started blogs just to write about me.. well my pseudonym. There is one in particular, a corpulent Caucasian male from Minnesota who has taken upon a fascination with my pseudonym even to the point of misidentifying it with the unsubstantiated designation originating from the suspended troll "Rosa Rubicondior" whose real name is Esther Harrison as demonstrated by  Peter van Montfoort 's search for an image of her online using that name.  How is this knowable?  Well when Jeff (Catholicgadfly) inquired about Peter's "mistake," Peter went silent which speaks volumes to the name Esther Harrison being that of "Rosa Rubicondior." Why else would he do a Google search for that name since that name produced the image he had posted on his atheist blog linking site?

I digress...

Curt while perpetuating the unsubstantiated claims from Esther has gotten the attention of a young atheist skeptic who has taken to task exposing these fake atheists.  I came across one of his posts where he inquires if Curt is a pedophile. The question is valid and free of defamation because this young atheist skeptic is simply asking the question while providing a link to the tweets (see: also ( of Curt showing his fascination with a young Latino boy. This boy is said to have gone to Dodge High school in NYC. However, the school has no record of him.  Moreover, I refer to him as a young boy because since no record of him has been provided showing that he graduated over a decade ago, then we can surmise that he is possibly a teen boy since he is only mentioned as belonging to a high school.

So why Curt?
Being that I hold a degree in psychology from the City University of New York, I have decided to look into this post by this young atheist in a more scholarly fashion.  I still have my notes, books and keep in contact with my professors in order to keep up to date in the field of psychology and my other areas of study.

Manny or Not, Here I come
Whether or not this person (boy Curt is fixated with) is real is beside the point.  The young atheist skeptic is more concerned with the fixation Curt has rather than the name of the person Curt mentions. I too wonder why this Caucasian male is so zealous in his fixation with a child who was mentioned as belonging to a high school.  This fixation can demonstrate an underlying paraphilia such as pedophilia/ephebephilia or perhaps fetishism that Curt is exhibiting subconsciously (Blanchard, 2009).  The fixation is clearly public via Curt's tweets and raises many questions.

While the etiology of the term "pedophilia" normally entails attraction to prepubertal children (DSM IV TR; Kring, p. 403), it can also include adolescents (Marshall, 1997).  Curt's fixation with "Manuel or Manny" of Dodge high school seems to demonstrate this attraction towards an adolescent. Most of his tweets are worded so as to show that he has "power" over "Manuel or Manny." He uses these names to demonstrate a sense of control which is typical of someone who has the paraphilias of pedophilia and ephebophilia.  This control serves as part of sexual gratification and is called Sexual Sadism (Kring, 403).  Moreover, his attempted use of anonymity further details his quest to feel powerful in any situation online.  He believes himself to be untraceable and in doing so is exhibiting grandiose traits which is typical of someone suffering from a personality disorder. See this tweet:

Furthermore, those with these paraphilias are typically Caucasian males over the age of 30.  They display a fascination or strange fixation and interest with children, including teenagers.  Curt's tweets seem to demonstrate this behavior.  He is in fact a Caucasian male and according to his image, looks to be over the age of 30. Moreover, those with these paraphilias tend to be loners, socially awkward in real life.  They use social networks or the internet in order to expound on their paraphilia and to "branch out" and socialize since they cannot do so offline (Durkin, 1997). Many times, they are unemployed.  Curt's Twitter habits seems to indicated that he has a lot of time which may mean that he is unemployed since jobs typically do not allow workers to use company time for person things such as social networking.  Furthermore, people with these paraphilias have hobbies and interests that are juvenile in nature. Curt's own profile has had several images of toys and other "kiddie" imagery indicating that he likes things that are typically for children.  This is an indication of his ego-syntonic traits.  See these images of Curt's profiles and images he has used as an avatar which are "kiddie" in nature:

One of many accounts run by Curt

Curt's main account which often features a "kiddie" avatar

Image of a puppet Curt used as an avatar during the summer 2014

The young skeptic blogger is indeed in the right to inquire about Curt.  Curt clearly seems to be exhibiting the characteristics, both explicit and implicit for pedophilia and ephebophilia. Let me be clear, I am not saying that Curt is one but that he exhibits the traits of one based on his tweets and ego-syntonic traits which are public for all to see. It makes no sense for a Caucasian male over age 30 to be fixated on the identity of a male Latino youth from the Bronx unless there is something behind this, psychologically speaking.  Take this tweet for example:

In this tweet above, Curt messaged my old Twitter account with a comment showing that he was thinking of pedophilia and the action of engaging a young boy as a lover.  This is parapraxis at work. His subconscious clearly recalled his understanding and memory of pedophilia and projected it on my Twitter account via what he knows of me: future priest and that altar servers help priests.  The comment is clearly being used to offend or attack me which is typical of psychological projection, or a defense mechanism which denies a trait in oneself and deflects it to another. Moreover, in his first tweets to me he exhibited envy at my academic success indicating he may have an inferiority complex which is comorbid with paraphilias. See these tweets and their conversations threads online:


Notice that everything is publicly available to view and hence why this young atheist skeptic wrote the post.  He too was labeled "Manny" for simply questioning the nonsense posted on Esther's "Rosa" blog.  Ironically, Curt is now whining and calling on people to falsely report this young skeptic for being a skeptic and asking questions.  With this action we can see that Curt and those who respond to his antics are not atheists.  No atheist (I used to be one) would even censor speech or criticism.  Not taking things at face value is one of the traits of being an atheist.  Real atheists do not believe things without evidence.  It just does not work that way.  Now this is not a "no true Scotsman" fallacy because words are clearly defined as are social scripts such as atheism/atheist.   It seems that Curt has taken on the social script of an atheist in order to mask his inner psychological demons.  Atheism gives the bearer of this ideology the ability to behave in any manner, even if it is anti-social.  This is a perfect cover for anyone suffering from paraphilias or other personality disorders.

It is interesting to note that the group NAMBLA, or "North American Man/Boy Love Association" was founded by an atheist and homosexual named David Thorstad (Kennedy, 1991).  Many people are not aware of this fact.  Atheists many times present themselves as being moral and point at the failings of some priests as evidence that religion encourages pederasty while there are none in their ranks.  This is far from the truth.

The "Case of Curt" is not meant to defame or disparage "Curt_ames" but to expound on the inquiry done by the young atheist skeptic who had the courage to take on two of the most popular atheist caricatures on Twitter: Curt & Esther (Rosa).  In this post I simply present the facts and evidence indicating the comorbidity of any possible pathological condition(s) Curt may be suffering from which only astute thinkers and those who are knowledgeable in psychology can spot.  Based on his Tweets and online behavior as well as his ego-syntonic traits, the signs are present indicating an unhealthy attraction to a young Latino boy or subliminal representation of a human with youthful and ethnic traits.  Further investigation is warranted.            


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