Tuesday, December 30, 2014

AirAsia Flight QZ8501

It happened again.  Another airplane disappeared near the same area where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 last sent a message.  Immediately, flashbacks came back to many of us, especially relatives still wondering what happened to their loved ones on flight 370.  However, this case is a bit different.  The weather in the area was extremely bad and according to news reports, the AirAsia pilot requested a change in coordinates and was denied that request.

The plane is believed to have been a victim of the weather which would make even the largest of airliner jets stall or become damage with lightning and heavy winds or even hail.  The days that followed brought about massive searches.  Luckily, it seems debris floating on the Java sea are of the flight. Sonar images also have shown large masses under the water which is very shallow. Unfortunately, among the debris found were also human bodies. The worst was confirmed: no one survived.  It is believed that the pilot attempted to land the plane on the surface of the sea as in the case of the "Miracle on the Hudson" where US Airways Flight 1549 was struck by a flock of Canadian geese and lose engine power forcing the pilot to land it safely on the Hudson.  However, the AirAsia flight was not so fortunately as it is believed that the plane went down so hard that it broke apart.

Relatives have been suffering this great lose of life. I cannot imagine the pain these people are going through.  Moreover, I cannot imagine the fear and horror the passengers on the flight felt as their plane was crashing.  Let us pray for all those involved.











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