Saturday, December 20, 2014

Officers Down! 10-13

Officers Ramos and Liu 

One of my fears just came true after hearing some protesters demanding cops be killed and having cops as friends.  Two police officers were killed in cold blood on Myrtle and Tompkins Aves in Brooklyn by a deranged man, Ismaaiyl Brinsley from Georgia who first shot his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore and then headed to New York City.  He posted on Instagram that he was going to "give wings to two pigs" using hashtags encouraging to shoot or kill cops.  He wrote:

“I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today. They Take 1 Of Ours...Let’s Take 2 of Theirs, This May Be My Final Post...I’m Putting Pigs In A Blanket.
#ShootThePolice #RIPErivGarner #RIPMike Brown.”

Police officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu had no chance to draw their weapons.  They probably didn't even see Brinsley coming as they sat in their patrol car.  He aimed at their heads with a silver gun which he posted an image of along with the words above on Instagram.  Commissioner Bratton looked visibly emotional, eyes watery.  Mayor Diblasio as well looked emotional.

Police officer Liu was a newly wed and Police Ramos turned 40 on December 12 and has a 13 year old son who still did not process what happened to his beloved dad.  The whole thing is just heart breaking.  The attack was apparently done in retaliation for Michael Brown and Eric Garner based on the Instagram posts.  Brinsley ran to a crowded subway platform where he shot himself in the head.  

I will update this as I learn more.  It is a sad day.

UPDATE: 12/21/14
According to news reports, Brinsley had a troubled past being arrested numerous times and a record for gun possession.  He had broken into his ex girlfriend's apartment and shot her after attempting to commit suicide.  His ex girlfriend had tried to stop him, but he shot her instead of himself.  Then he called her mom and said he shot her accidentally.  It is believed that he used her cell phone to do so.  Next he would board a bus from Baltimore to New York City.  While in New York, he approached some gang members and asked their affiliation.  He then told them to add him to their Instagram accounts because he was going to do something big and then discarded the phone at the Barcalay's Center. After this, he walked by the patrol car where both officers Ramos and Liu were eating lunch. He came by the passenger side and shot them both in the head execution style.  They did not have any time to react at all.  After the assassination, a postal worker followed Brinsley in his truck and when he saw police officers, he notified them.  They then went after Brinsley who ran into a subway station where he shot himself in the head.

Some people reported that a group of hecklers were applauding at the death of the officers and shouted at police officers present, "good for you."  I have not confirmed this, but it is going around on the internet. A makeshift memorial was created near the scene and keeps growing with flowers, candles and other items.  Prayers were held Sunday evening for the officers and their relatives.  The cousin of Police Officer Ramos seemed to show pity for the coward who took his relative's life.  He said that "we forgive you" and that Brinsley was a troubled man.  This forgiveness is an awesome display of Christianity.  Police Officer Ramos' Facebook lists him as studying at an Evangelical Seminary.  Perhaps he may have been a minister as well in the Evangelical sect. (UPDATE 12/22/14: He was studying to be a chaplain) His Facebook ironically had as his last post a blue imagine which is used when police mourn for their fallen brothers.  This is dated December 18.  Other images on his profile had badges of fallen officers and Biblical or religious messages.

This news has touched everyone.  The New York Yankees are even offering to pay for the education of Ramos' kids.  However as usual, some one always has to take this tragedy and make it into a political game.  PBA president Lynch and conservative political pundits are accusing DiBlasio, Sharpton and protesters of being accomplices of this double cop murder.  

Some images I found:
Patrol car where PO Liu & Ramos were gunned down

Attacker Ismaaiyl Brinsley

Dead corpse of attacker

Dead corpse of the attacker Brinsley

Ramos' son Jaden Ramos posted his reaction on his instagram. He is only 13


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