Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sony Cancels "The Interview"

There probably hasn't been a movie in history with so much drama surrounding it which wasn't in the movie script itself.  The movie "The Interview" which is a comedy about assassinating North Korean leader Kim Joung un was set to be played in movie theaters on Christmas day.  All was well until Sony Pictures was hacked.  Information was stolen and posted online, including emails from top executives who said some nasty things about actors and even the president.

In the days that followed, threats were made to Americans and Sony if the movie was not pulled completely. Due to these threats, many theaters chose to not play the movie on December 25 which forced Sony Pictures to cancel the screening altogether. Many complained about this decision including the president of the United States who saw it as a censorship of free speech. North Korean officials denied being involved in the hacking and even offered to help America figure out who did it. However, the FBI insisted that it was the work of North Korea whose leader is afraid of mockery and satire of himself.

Well after this, Sony Pictures decided to put the show back on, so to speak.  "The Interview" will be screened in about 200 theaters across the nations. Many are calling this a victory for free speech. It is believed that this decision was the result of a mysterious internet outage that North Korea is facing. President Obama has said that America would respond but never elaboration. Many believe the internet outage was the work of Americans.

I am glad that Sony decided to screen the film. Having cyber bullies force someone to do something is just horrible and against the principles of freedom that Americans enjoy. Nevertheless, some people are skeptic and believe that many this was all a stunt to get people interested in the movies.  Others believe that maybe North Korea shut its own internet off.  Who knows?


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