Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vatican Installs Showers for Homeless

News like this is what we need to hear of in the media instead of the exaggerated claims of the amount of sex abuse cases or fixations with Church doctrine in regards to Homosexuals, Abortion, Contraception and the like.

The human body is a beautiful work of art regardless if it's fat, skinny, muscular or disabled. However, it can emit some of the most unholy and foul odors on Earth! Each one of us may have experienced this odor on others and even ourselves due to chemical changes in the body and release of sweat and other bodily toxins. To solve this, we usually just hop in the shower, pull out our favor soap and begin to scrub away the foulness and dead skins cells.

However, not everyone has this "luxury." Homeless people are often left to "rot" in their own odor through no fault of their own. We give them food, drink and clothes but often forget that they need to shower and brush their teeth! Showering is extremely important. It is not a display of vanity, but a requirement for good health.  Our skin is an organ believe it or not.  It is alive and is exposed to nature. Because of this, we pick up all kinds of bacteria and viruses.  Not only that, but dust mites and other creatures make their homes on our skin. If not properly controlled, these can lead to infections such as MRSA, or allergic reactions to the feces of the mites and other organisms that dwell on our skin.

So Sacerdotus, shut up and stop being Mr. Wizard with all the Science,, what's the point?
Well.. The Vatican is installing showers in the public restrooms at the Bernini Colonade in St. Peter's Square on order from Pope Francis. The idea came from a homeless man who had an encounter with Monsignor Konrad Krajewski. Krajewski invited this homeless man to dinner but the man declined due to his foul odor. The Monsignor took him to each Chinese food regardless of the decline and both talked.  The homeless man shared how it's easy to get food, but that showering is never a viable option. Well the Monsignor heard this man's complaint and followed through.

I hope others will follow suit and will install areas where the homeless can shower for free and get a change of clothes.


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