Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson Decision - Darren Wilson Not Indicted

As expected, officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for the death of 18 year old Michael Brown.  After evidence was presented such as the presence of blood from Michael Brown found in the patrol car as well as the conflicting witness reports, it was pretty much set in stone that Wilson would not be charged.

Since 11 AM, news of a decision was presented on the news but Ferguson officials decided to wait until late at night reveal the decision. Many criticized this move because it would lead to bigger crowds and possibly more rioting and civil disorder as seen back in August.


St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch who was originally asked to step aside from the case gave the decision.  Many in Ferguson believed that McCulloch would be biased because he has family in the police department. Moreover, his arguments to the grand jury seemed to have been worded to make the case for Wilson, some are criticizing now. However, McCulloch emphasized that the witness reports given were faulty. They were contradictory and some witnesses even recanted stating that they heard the story from other sources and were not there themselves during the shooting. According to McCulloch, no probable cause was found to indict Wilson.

Wilson in the days leading to the decision was working out the details with the police department regarding his resignation. This made some wonder if he was resigning because he was going to be exonerated.  That speculation turned out to be true. Shortly after the decision, the crowds that had gathered were in a state of shock.  Then when reality sunk in, things were thrown at police in riot gear. A police car was vandalized, and then a few others were set on fire. Police retaliated by shooting gas and bean bags at the crowds. This angered them more and stores were broken into and looted. Several of them were even set on fire and are still on fire.  Firefighters who tried to turn off the flames fled after gunfire was directed at them. Even private vehicles are being set on fire at a car dealership.  Social media calls from religious leaders and others went on deaf ears.  Many clergy were also not present.

Furthermore, the protests were not only in Ferguson but all over the United States. In New York City, thousands took to Union Square and walked to Times Square. Commissioner Bratton was even attacked with fake blood that was thrown at his face. Another Caucasian dressed in business attired was hit with something that caused a massive gash on his forehead. In Washington DC, President Obama spoke at 10 PM and urged all to remain calm. Ironically, as he said this, the protesters without viewing him on a monitor, got even more violent. In one instance, Obama said that throwing bottles does noting to help the situation and people began throwing bottles almost at the same time that he said it. CNN and other media at the scene were gassed by police and attacked by protesters. Bottles and trash were thrown at them. One reported even got him on the head with a rock while live on TV! A police officer has been shot as well.

Ferguson is burning and the people are obviously making the nation known that they are angry. Wilson thanked his supporters and conservatives such as Coulter celebrated his exoneration which caused more anger. Minorities are crying foul at the decision believing it to be evidence that Black lives do not matter and that law enforcers will always win.

The evidence used during the deliberations was released, see:  Images of Officer Wilson were also released where he claims to have been hit on the face by Brown. His testimony also states that Brown looked like a raging demon and he felt like a kid wresting Hulk Hogan due to the size of Michael Brown.  

Here are some tweets with more information:


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