Friday, November 21, 2014

Church of England has 6 years

According to Tim Thorton who is a bishop of the Anglican church, the church of England has six years of existence.  He cites the poor attendance, decline in funds as reasons for the extinction of this branch of Protestantism. This isn't news at all.

The church of England has been apostate since its founding when Henry the VIII demanded that the Pope and Archbishop of Cantebury grant him a divorce from Catherine of Aragon in 1534. He forced Church officials to swear allegiance to him as the "supreme head of the church of England," reject the Pope all so he can get his divorce and marry his mistress Anne Boleyn.  This church of England was born of sin and it will die of it. The fat bastard obviously suffered from narcissistic personality disorder.

In the same tradition, this church of England continued to water down the tenets of Christianity to the point that nothing is recognizable.  See: From ordaining female clergy to recognizing value in homosexual unions, this church was a failure to begin with. A recent synod even removed Satan from baptismal rites. If there is no Satan, no evil to reject, then there is no sin.  If there is no sin, then what's the point of getting baptized and having a church?  This is why this church failed. People want truth that gives hope and sanctifies, not compromise with erroneous worldly ideas that bring sin and vice.

Before secularists and atheists can celebrate, the Catholic Church has opened her arms to receive Anglicans already with the installation of Anglican ordinariates thanks to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Holy Mother Church will never succumb to the world.     



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