Sacerdotus Podcasts

We now host 2 podcast radio broadcasts: 
Sacerdotus Radio and The Anointed Mic.  

Sacerdotus Radio is a Catholic Radio Podcast Show on God,  Atheism,  Science,  Philosophy, the Catholic Church, and other issues.  We address all kinds of topics, not just religious or Catholic ones. In this program, we hope to reach out to everyone, open the forum for discussion, and educate our listeners with accurate information so they can digest and make decisions. 
You can listen to this broadcast here:
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=The Anointed Mic is a Radio Podcast Show on Music, Culture, and how they relate to humanity in a religious, spiritual, cultural, and psychological sense. We analyze music, both religious and secular, and how they can be used to spread the faith and encourage human development.  You can listen to the broadcast here:
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Contact the Sacerdotus Radio here: Email me 

Contact The Anointed Mic here:  Email me 

If you want to be a guest or have your content played, please contact us.  

People always have told me that my big mouth would get me somewhere... well it has.  I am not only Social networks, but also on the radio via podcasting.  Here you will find the many podcasts hosted by Sacerdotus.

I will be hosting a 30 min. long program where I will discuss all kinds of topics just like I do here on my blog.

There will be a number for callers to call in and join the discussion and ask questions; also a chatroom.  I will also invite guests and co-hosts to join me.

I'm hoping that this will be a great success and that listeners will enjoy it and have fun at the same time.

Please donate to my blog if you can so that in the future, I can expand the time to 2 hours or more.

The radio program can be listened to on my blog, facebook or here:

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