Friday, November 7, 2014

Statue Head on Mars

Finally evidence was found on Mars that people once lived there!   

No.. I'm just joking. However, some UFO enthusiasts are claiming this very thing.  NASA recently released photos from its Rover which shows some rock structures with blue arrows drawn on by NASA pointing at the rocks.

Immediately, ancient alien theorists began to jump to the conclusion that NASA marked those rocks because they were in fact pieces of a statue!  If one does look carefully, one of them does look like an elongated head that broke off from a statue.  This is the original image as posted on NASA's site" (

What is this really?  NASA explains here:

The top image is a view to the northeast of the lander and is annotated to show the variety of rocks in this landing site and what they tell us. The red arrows point to rounded boulders and rocks, thought to have been shaped by the forces of water in flood (rough edges knocked off by the tumbling action of the water). The blue arrows indicate rocks with sharp edges and points, most probably ejected from nearby impact craters and/or ancient volcanic activity. The white areas (of which Scooby Doo is one) are believed to be deposits left behind by evaporating water, or aggregates of materials fused together by the action of water. (

Why are people seeing faces?  
One word: Pareidolia.  This is a psychological phenomenon that we all experience.  Our brains look for patterns in everything we look at.  One of the most important patterns, if not the most important, is a face.  We are all hardwired to distinguish faces by looking for the typical formations of them: two eyes, nose and a mouth.  Biologists and psychologists believe that this ability is hardwired into us in order to survive in the wild as our ancestors evolved.  By being able to find faces among the many patterns in nature, human beings and our ancestors were able to survive by no engaging something that was not similar to us.  This is why some people are afraid of arachnid bodies (eight legged creatures).  Our ancestors encountered these poisonous bugs and learned to avoid them.  Those traits and behaviors were passed down to us.

To be honest, it would have been totally awesome if that rock was in fact a statue head. Can you imagine if we found ancient alien artifacts on Mars or another planet?  That would be so exciting!  So where did these ancient astronaut theorists get the mental image from which they imposed on this rock?

Look: Nefertiti:

The brain can sure play some tricks on us!  


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