Friday, July 11, 2014

Twitter Trolls

  • Please avoid, block and report them as spam, save yourself the trouble.  
  • Do not engage them at all. They just use twitter to harass, abuse and insult others.  
  • We can get them all suspended.  It's not impossible to do.  
  • Theists outnumber atheists. We have the power.


Go to the hashtags: 

Report each atheist account found on each hashtag.   Make sure you do it for ALL of them. 

Also file a report for harassment and be very specific, show tweets that demonstrate a pattern of abuse.  Include links and the narrative. 
Here are some examples 

Scene 1: You are being stalked or mentioned. Write this:
"This/These accounts have been harassing me on your service. They stalk my twitter timeline and constantly abuse the reply/mention feature.  The accounts are in violation of your rules as found here:  In light of the abuse Zelda Williams and others have received, it is important that Twitter does something to stop abuse otherwise people will leave your service for one where they feel safe. Please suspend this/these accounts.  

Scene 2: A group of atheists messages you and all tweet similarly. Make sure you report each and mention each in your report. Write this:

"These accounts (list each here) are harassing me and abusing your mentions feature. They are overlapping serial accounts who are tweeting the same thing to me.  They are in clear violation of your rules as found here:  Please suspend each of these accounts.      

Scene 3: Atheists are calling you "Manny" or "Sacerdotus." Write this:
"The follow accounts are being abusive by attempting to place an identity on me that is not mine in order to cause disruption and an atmosphere of abuse and taunting.  Please suspend these accounts.  

I will update this as more information comes in regarding atheist tactics. 

See the video below on how to report for spam and file reports.  UPDATE DECEMBER 5, 2014: Twitter is changing how to make reports. See the video in their Tweet:

Comment on my page in the comments on any post and I will give you a list of known abusive accounts. 
We can get them all suspended easily.  Atheists do not have a great reputation in society as is.  


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