Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pope vs Pope - Ger/Arg

The World Cup is almost over.  We have seen many heart breaking losses from the elimination of the United States of America which became a fan favorite to the elimination of the team of the host nation, Brazil.  The matches were exciting and brought tears to all, including the players.

However, the deciding match is being talked about with much excitement as well but maybe for the reason you're not expecting.  Germany and Argentina both made it to the finals. I think we know two people who are German and Argentinian... eh.. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

The media and others are speculating as to whether or not this match will put both Popes against each other.  This sure makes for some innocent fun, but I seriously doubt either Pope will take this game seriously.  Pope Emeritus is a known intellectual who like me, finds great pleasure in reading, writing and thinking about thinking.  Pope Francis, however, is known to be an avid fan of "futbol" or soccer as we call it here, so he may have more interest in the match. 

Nevertheless, the Vatican made it clear that neither Pope will take sides.  Both will most likely be in bed while the match is taking place in Brazil and will only learn of who was victorious in the morning when the papers reach the coffee tables.  Once an ordained man is elected Pope, he loses all ties to his nation of birth and becomes the Head of State of the Vatican and Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church.  That being said, the Pope belongs to all of the world showing the universality of the Church, not just a specific nation.


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