Friday, July 18, 2014

Anglican Synod

"...they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen" Romans 1:25

The words from Sacred Scripture cannot say it any better. Recently, the "Church" of England has its General Synod where both clergy and lay people participate. Instead of a dignified council like that of Vatican II, it looks more like a meeting at Congress.

Anyhow, this General Synod publicly revealed how back this Protestant denomination has gotten. The Synod approved the consecration of female bishops which Catholic and Eastern Orthodox leaders have described as being a huge block towards Christian unity via ecumenism.  Moreover, they voted to take out the Devil from the Baptismal rite which calls for those being baptized to renounce Satan and all his works and empty promises.  It has also voted to make vestments optional, opening the door to liturgies where celebrants can wear a t shirt and jeans.

This "church" has gone to hell, literally!  It has lost whatever sense of Christianity it had since its foundation by King Henry VIII. The removal of the devil was based on the complaints of Anglican priests who claimed churchgoers were confused about this.  Come again?  How can a churchgoer be confused about Satan and sin?
Has England gotten so bad that its citizens do not know who Satan is?  I think even atheists there know about Satan!  These priests are full of nonsense, for lack of a better term.  One of their clerics, Robert Paterson even stated that the devil is a cartoonish character basically indirectly claiming he does not exist and is just an invention.

The ordination of females as bishop is another big issue. Only men can be priests.  This is how Christ wanted it reflecting the marriage of the bride with the groom mentioned in Revelation. Not allowing women to be ordained is not an attack against women or a statement that women are inferior; rather, it is a reflection of the person of Christ as a male who is the groom of the Church. Have female clergy would basically turn the relationship between a priest and the Church into a Lesbian union.  This is unacceptable and a complete mockery of the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, the option use of vestments is a big issue even though it just deals with clothing. While clothing is just clothing, the Church has set aside certain forms of clothing to honor God and show the dignity of prayer and worship. The vestments the clergy use is not meant to show social status or to be a sign of vanity.  They are meant to glorify God. This is Biblical as well. God in the Old Testament was very specific on how He wanted the ancient Hebrew Liturgy to take place. It will jsut be undignified to see a cleric celebrate Mass in shorts, jeans or whatever he happens to wear that morning.  Granted, if a priest is in a poor area or even on a battlefield, then vestments may not be an option and a Mass will still be valid as long as the rubrics are followed; however, the use of vestments is indeed important.

It is said that the Anglican community has succumb to this.  However, it is no surprise.  This faith community was founded out of the need to break God's law.  Henry VIII created his own Christianity in order to give himself a divorce which is not possible in the Catholic Church, the original Christian community founded by Jesus Himself. That being said, hearing of the Anglican community once again defying God and Christianity is not shocking. This "church" was founded upon conforming to the world and sin.  However, many Anglicans have already joined the Catholic Church out of disgust for their Anglican church.  It has sunk further into the cesspool of apostasy and many of its followers left it to join the bark of Peter.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI - a genius- formulated a way to bring them home to Rome while at the same time allowing them to keep their Liturgies. I predict many millions more will come home to Rome and the "church" of England will fall faster than London's bridge.    



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