Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Dirty Nuns"

"When the debate is lost, the loser uses slander as a tool;" I paraphrase Socrates here to begin this post regarding an attack against religious sisters in the United States of America.

"NOW" or the "National Organization of Women" which prides itself as being the "representative" of women and is run by feminists is being hypocritical once again.

They often like to trump the fictitious "war on women" rhetoric putting women against men believing men are somehow out to get women as if men were a collective "boogeyman" of sort.  However, they are attacking other women now (no pun intended): religious sisters or "nuns."

"NOW" has made a list on their site listing the plaintiffs of the "Hobby Lobby" case.  The list is entitled, "Dirty 100."  Among this list are the Little Sisters of the Poor who are known for their charity work, especially their care of the elderly.  Being that they are a religious order, they had no choice but to oppose the demands made by "Obamacare" in regards to paying for contraception and the like.  These sisters were defending their "bodily autonomy"- to borrow from the feminists. Ironically, "NOW" is attacking these women who only wish for bodily autonomy in preventing the government from telling them how to use their conscience.

See the hypocrisy?  "NOW" and other feminists claim men are out to get women by "controlling" their bodies via legislation.  However, when religious women fight the "men" in court to prevent themselves from being controlled, they are labeled "dirty" by these feminists. These people are "NOW" are something else aren't they!?  Moreover, they attacked Catholicism on their site in general.

Can someone say hypocrite and sore loser?   Somebody call the 'wambulance' for "NOW."


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