Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Atheism = A-Fraud IV

Truth is something we all seek. Atheists claim to seek the same and often rely on science for this task. However, there is a problem with this. Science is NOT atheistic.

It is not the anti-faith or anti-religion. Science exists to study the observable environment which is this world and the universe it exists in. It is not the sole means from which we acquire knowledge or truth.  Science constantly changes as evidence for theories change.  Sometimes, theories are recanted and thrown out when evidence does not serve it.  In contrast, truth is something free, something that has no constraints.  It is unmovable and withstands any criticism.  

Atheists are quick to reject religion, faith and even philosophy in their quest for "truth." However, truth is not something we can just find by using experiments or microscopes.  As stated in the first paragraph, science constantly changes.  What scientists push as fact today may become nonsense years from now.  Back in May, astrophysicist Neil Tyson Degrasse who has gained fame for his zealous push for science and his enthusiasm for it, attacked philosophy during a Nerdist podcast interview.

Immediately, my former philosophy professor, Massimo Pigliucci went on the defensive and took Dr. Degrasse to task on his remarks against philosophy.





Pigliucci explains the importance of philosophy, not only in general academia and life, but also in science.  As a child, I loved philosophy despite not knowing the term. I would always think about things, ask questions and wonder why everything is, why were are, who we are, what are we etc.  I wanted to know it all - still do.

As I grew in age I then learned that this was "philosophy." However, science also took hold of my curious mind and it was more tangible than philosophy. What kid does not like a "hands-on" approach to things?  I recall the time I was experimenting with electricity and took out the lights on the entire block... but that is a tale for another time. :)

My mom would accompany me on class trips to museums, parks, the Hall of Science and the Hayden Planetarium which like Degrasse experienced as a child himself and said it changed his life. I share the same sentiment.  Seeing the planetary displays and information on the universe as well as the space show really left an impact on me.  I was fortunate to visit it again with my nephew and his own class and got a bit emotional reminiscing of my own first visit.  The expression on his face as well as the faces of his classmates is unforgettable and again reminded me of my own expression years ago.

I digress -

Science, as I have stated, is tangible. This makes it attractive to most of us, especially atheists. It also gives the false illusion that it answers everything and provides incontrovertible truth.  This is far from the truth (no pun intended).  Science only tells us what our hypothesis, experiments and instruments allow it to tell us.  It is limited in that regard.  Therefore, it cannot give us "Truth" per se, or the Truth that never changes.  Truth must be forever, unbending to time, opinions or emotions. Science cannot provide this.  For a time I did subscribe to "scientism" or the idea that science answers everything and is the only source of truth.  Again, science is tangible, it gives results that can be measured, touched, experienced.  Professor Pigliucci's lectures helped me make the transition.  I saw how philosophy does work with science thanks to him.  However, philosophy does not provide complete truths either.

We in the Christian faith rely on Truth.  Because of this, we are often mocked as relying on "faith" or unproven doctrines as "truth."  However, when I say that Christians rely on Truth, I mean a person.  Truth for us is a person: Jesus Christ.  Pope Francis spoke of this during a general audience in Rome on May 15, 2013 (see:http://www.ewtn.com/library/PAPALDOC/f1genaud8.HTM)  This "person" is what former atheist blogger Leah Libresco saw in her studies regarding morality. She became Catholic in 2012 and left many in the atheist community, especially the "friendly atheist" speechless, bitter and mad. 

I, just like Leah Libresco and a host of others, also saw this "person" who is Truth.  Science, philosophy and other fields of study are fun and we do learn from them, but they do not give us "Truth." They give us glimpses to the Truth, but not it in its entirety.  This is why atheism does not help in the quest for truth.  It hides behind science and never truly ponders the questions that really matter.  The questions that will augment the progress of science and other fields of study. Atheism is a fraud because of it.  It presents itself as the platform from which one can discover truth, it is not.  The atheist seeking for truth while remaining in atheism is like a dog chasing his/her own tail.  He/she goes nowhere but around and around in circles until dizziness sets in and fatigue brings him/her down.  It is the placebo for the intellectually gullible.  

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