Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ESPY - Michael Sam

Tonight, NFL draftee Michael Sam who caused an uproar for kissing his partner on live television received the Arthur Ashe award for Courage during the ESPY awards.

This award is usually given to a sports figure, but others have received it as well.  Many people have taken to social media to talk about tonight's awards and its recipient.  Those who are supportive of the LGBT lifestyle have been showing pity towards Michael Sam especially after his moving speech where he became emotional.  However, others are upset that he got the award just for being gay.  Moreover, the media and others are very supportive of Michael Sam, yet have attacked Tim Tebow in the past for being a devote Christian.  Tebow is known for painting Bible verses under his eyes and for praying publicly on the field.  He has received much ridicule for this.

In contrast, Michael Sam is just a draftee and is being treated like the best player in the NFL just for kissing another guy on national television.  There is something seriously wrong with our society. It is scary to think that being Christian now is seen as something negative or evil, while being gay is something that is looked upon with joy, positively and is endorsed as a "moral" lifestyle.  In this case tonight, it is even awarded.  While I am not looking to attack Michael Sam or his partner; both seem like humble young men, I am merely focusing on how Christianity is being attacked while homosexuality is being favored and supported.  I personally do not think Michael Sam deserved the award.  Derek Jeter could have been a better choice.

Many people took to social media to even highlight the absurdity of this award. They have been tweeting on: #NewEspyCategories which is full of satirical categories for the ESPY awards.  Obviously these people see that these awards are not serious at all in regards to awarding excellence but instead seek to promote an alternative lifestyle.  We all must wake up and see what is really going on.  The LGBT agenda is using awards, the media, music, movies in order to push their ideas on all, especially the youth.  It is time that we boycott these programs and supporters of the LGBT agenda.

While I undestand the LGBT people have faced many hardships, -we all do- the lifestyle they live is not healthy, moral or natural.  The LGBT people have the highest rates of mental illness, HIV and STD infection rates than any other group.  This is not a lifestyle we should promote.



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