Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 238th USA

Today is the 238th birthday of the United States of America.

We celebrate Independence day. Over two hundred years ago, our American ancestors won the American Revolution defeating the great empire of Great Britain.

This defeat would bring about a new nation never before seen on Earth.  Its ideas would be innovative and radical.  For centuries, societies lived in a social class system with a royal or emperor leading the people.  People were born into a specific social class and could not advance from it because the rules were not set to be fair for all.

The rich took advantage of this and the poor could do nothing but face the consequences of having the rich dominate them.  In Europe, Catholicism was the major religion that dominated.  It was the only Christian faith until the schism where the Eastern Church separated.  Eventually an Augustinian priest named Martin Luther would start a reformation that would further divide the Church.  From this reformation which was more like a deformation, thousands of new sects were born.  Each with specific founders who interpreted Sacred Scripture according to his opinions. Because of this, there were battles among each group with each claiming to be the "true Church" or version of Christianity.

Fallen human nature took over and Christianity became a battlefield.  Those sects with larger numbers, more wealth and political sway dominated the lesser ones.  This forced many of the lesser groups to unite and flee to the "New World" which at the time was considered "discovered" by Christopher Columbus.  These believers left their home to reach this new land.  They purchased contracts with specific companies that would take them aboard ships to this new land.  Once here, they formed their own colonies with their own rules.  Massachusetts bay became the land of Puritans, Pennsylvania the land of the Quakers, Maryland the land of Catholics, etc etc.

Religious freedom was probably the main reason why America even exists. Our ancestors fled their
homelands in Europe to this strange new land in order to set up regions where they can live freely and worship as they believed. Ironically, this land which became a safe haven for religious freedom is becoming the Europe of the time of the early settlers.
Religion is being pushed aside as something that is done in private; something that no one should know of or see.  In a sense, it is being pushed into the category of using the bathroom or showering which are things we do privately and that no one needs to know about in detail.  Religious freedom is one of the fundamental rights human beings have which are given to them by their Creator.  It is no wonder why our Founding Fathers made this clear in the Declaration of Independence.

The recent decision regarding "Hobby Lobby" is a good sign.  Conscience rights and religious rights were placed on the pedestal again.  But more needs to be done to secure these sacred rights given to us by the Creator.  Our government is becoming more and more tyrannical.  It is serving the interest of minority tyrannical groups which seek to devalue life to the point of putting one human's right to exist over another's; deform the institution of marriage which is established in the natural norm; and created a
valueless unjust society where no guiding principles govern the common good of all.  Our nation is wounded.  The Eagle is injured and about to crash onto the hard land.  We need to call on the Holy Spirit to come and help the Eagle fly once again; to sore the Heavens within the presence of Almighty God.  

The Declaration of Independence states that if our rights are pushed aside and our government becomes tyrannical, we the people must abolish it and begin a new government.  Perhaps our Founding Fathers knew that America would begin to implode in the future?  Moreover, is it time for we the people to abolish our current government and form a new one?  Only time will tell.  If things continue to go as they are going in our nation, perhaps it is indeed the time to withdraw the consent of the governed that keeps the government in power.

Let us pray to God to whom our nation is under that He will rescue our nation.  Happy Birthday America!  Happy Fourth of July to all!  May God bless the United States of America and all nations on Earth.    


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