Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman NOT GUILTY

Zimmerman was found not guilty by an all female jury in Florida.  Zimmerman was accused of killed Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012. The trial has brought up talk on racism and self defense.

On a spring night in Sanford, Florida; George Zimmerman, a patrol man in his neighborhood was making rounds.  He spotted what he believed to be a suspicious person with a hoody.  This person was Trayvon Martin, 17 who was walking after purchasing some things at a store.  According to the story, Zimmerman began to follow Martin and called 911.  Zimmerman informed the operator that there was someone acting suspiciously in his neighborhood and said he was going to investigate.  The operator told him not to, but he came outside claiming that Martin returned to his vehicle.

An argument broke out and eventually led to a fist fight with Trayvon punching Zimmerman in the face.  Both ended up on the ground with Martin on top of Zimmerman pounding his head into the pavement. Zimmerman, took out a gun and shot Martin.  Martin would succumb to the shot.  The rest is history.

This case has been under heavy scrutiny worldwide.  Many have brought in the race card claiming that the death was a result of racism.  Al Sharpton and others immediately began to cry out foul and incited rioting.  The trial became an issue of a "white man" killing a black boy instead of a whether or not Zimmerman defended himself or killed Trayvon just for the heck of it.

Based on the evidence, I was convinced that Zimmerman was innocent.  The jury - all women - took almost a day to decide the verdict and asked for a clarification of the instructions regarding manslaughter.  Zimmerman defended himself from an aggressor.  Yes, he came out of his car despite being told to stay; nevertheless, Trayvon could have had a gun and shot him while he was in the car.  Anything could have happened so it was best for him to investigate.  Trayvon struck Zimmerman first and Zimmerman had the wounds to prove that.  Zimmerman was a midget compared to Trayvon who was over 6 feet and younger.  Therefore, it was logical for Zimmerman to use his handgun if he felt his life was in danger.

It is unfortunate that this took place and I'm sure Zimmerman is not happy Trayvon is dead; however, perhaps things could have gone differently had Zimmerman just kept his distance and Trayvon would have kept his cool when confronted.

This trial was important because self defense was also on the line.  Had Zimmerman been found guilty, people would be scared to use force to defend themselves.  If someone comes at you and is able to kill you, will you dare use force against that person knowing that Zimmerman was found guilty for defending himself with force?  I think it is important that self defense be taught and that people will not be afraid to do what is necessary for self preservation.

Zimmerman kept his cool during the trial and did not show any displays of victory after the verdict.  His demeanor perhaps aided in the the decision of the jury.  

In any event, a child was killed and we must pray for Trayvon Martin's family that they find peace and closure.  If only the event would have consisted of Zimmerman offering a teen in the rain a ride home, we would not have this trial and Trayvon would still be here.  However, it did not turn out this way and unfortunately Trayvon lost his life and Zimmerman as well, in a sense. 

We must also pray for Zimmerman whose life has change dramatically.  CNN posted his social security number and other information.  He will have a difficult time returning to society especially with the Black Panthers have called for his head and Al Sharpton is inciting riots by using the race card.

May God bring peace to all involved, and all in Florida.

Martin's father tweeted this:



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