Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Hail Satan" - Immature Pro-Abortion Fanatics

On Twitter Tuesday night, I noticed that "Hail Satan" was trending.  This caught my attention because usually something related to God trends.  I clicked on it out of curiosity and saw the article showing the video of pro-abortion supporters shouting "Hail Satan" against the singing of Amazing Grace from a pro-life group in Texas.  As usual, the trend had many trolls looking for an argument about the existence of Satan and God or seeking attention by repeating the trend; however, most were upset and criticized the chant.

I believe in freedom of speech, even if the speech is stupid.  However, this harassment of religious pro-life groups shows the immaturity on the side of those who are pro-abortion.  The fact that they stoop to this puerile behavior is disturbing.  However, this helps the pro-life movement.  The world is watching how pro-abortions are harassing a non-violent group that is singing, "Amazing Grace."  This helps give credibility to the pro-life movement which is often labeled as fascist or even terrorist in nature.

Moreover, something interesting came to mind when I watched the video in light of the big vote expected to take place in Texas regarding abortion.  One of the things an exorcist does before casting out a demon is getting it to say its name. Texas is exorcising abortion.  The demon gave its name. We can only hope and pray that the vote takes place and the abortion bill is passed so that Governor Perry can sign it and cast out the demon "Hail Satan" that has been lying to those who call themselves "pro-choice."

These pro-abortion fanatics are desperate.  They know they are losing and are trying everything to garner attention.  Calling on Satan won't change the odds.  Satan always loses.  I applaud the pro-life group for keeping their calm despite the nonsense from the pro-abortion crowd.  The best thing to do is ignore them.  They are angry and sometimes you need to let the flame put itself out.

Abortion will be removed from our society soon!  Hail Satan will turn into Praise Jesus and Hail Mary, Full of Grace!



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