Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mandela, Morales, Morsi

A lot has been happening in the world lately.  I would like to write on every thing; however, it will be time consuming.  I've decided to sums things up into one post.

Nelson Mandela

As you may have heard by now, Nelson Mandela is in the hospital and in poor condition.  Some news outlets have reported his death already, but these were not accurate.  Nelson Mandela is suffering from recurring lung infections which are typical of the elderly.

He is 94 years old so it is understandable that his body cannot fight off infections in the same way a younger person's can.  Mandela is an important figure in South Africa.  He helped bring down apartheid which was a great evil just like segregation was in the United States of America.  He is truly a man of justice and worked hard to bring unity to his nation.  It is no wonder why most of the world is hoping and praying for his recovery.  Unfortunately, his family seems to be quarreling about details regarding his burial and what not.  This kind of behavior is disrespectful to Mandela and should be stopped.  I wish Mandela the best and pray for his recovery if it is God's will.


Evo Morales Detained

About a day ago, I noticed that Bolivia president Evo Morales was trending on Twitter, Yahoo and other online news websites.  At first, I thought he passed away.  However, it turns out that his plane was prevented from leaving an airport in Austria and was denied travel over European airspace.  Rumor has it that this was an order given by the CIA to European airports.  The reason why his plane was detained was because of rumors that he may have had an infamous stowaway on-board; namely, Edward Snowden.

Snowden is the guy who leaked the news about the NSA's surveillance of Americans.  He has become the most wanted man on Earth by the US government for espionage and treason.  Apparently, since he has been requesting political asylum in Latin America, it was believed that maybe Evo Morales may have had him join his flight back to Bolivia.

Morales was furious at the treatment he received and is filing a complaint to the United Nations.  I understand Morales' anger and am concerned as well.  It was disrespectful what happened to him.  He is a head of state and should not be treated in such a manner.  If the plane of a foreign president can be easily detained, then the same can happen to our own president or even the Pope.  This is dangerous indeed.  We would not want to see a scenario like the one in the movie "Airforce One" where the plane was taken over by terrorists.  Moreover, what's to stop a foreign nation from holding our president or Pope under arrest?  That is not the only concern; there is also the question: Who is the CIA to give orders to European nations?  Whatever happened to a nation's sovereignty?


Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi Fired

Egypt again is on the news due to large protests and the disapproval of President Mohamed Morsi.  Citizens of Egypt voted for him, but were upset at his attempt at forcing Islam on the people.  The people protested and called for him to step down.  He refused and the military once again stepped in.  

The military gave him an ultimatum and eventually arrested him, suspended the constitution and has Egypt under coup.  I understand the situation and do agree that Islam should not be pushed on a nation, especially one with Christians in it; however, how many times are Egyptian leaders going to be removed?  How can Egypt have stability if each leader is ousted within a year's time?  Imagine ousting Obama and then electing another president only to oust him/her too a year later.  How can the USA continue as a stable nation?  

There is also concern as to why the military is so disloyal to its leaders.  How can there be a government if the military can oust its leaders at will?  In any event, I wish the people of Egypt well and hope they can find a good solution to their problem.  Our nation might go the same route if our government continues to rob us of our rights and freedoms.



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