Sunday, July 21, 2013

God save the crazy Queen

Queen Elizabeth II has just signed into law a bill that will legalize so-called "gay marriage" in the United Kingdom.  It is a sad moment indeed for this nation.  A nation once strong and proud of its Christian heritage has turned into a chaotic nation without any values or integrity.  Without consideration, the law was passed. No thought was given to the sanctity of marriage nor religious freedom.

It will be a rough time in the UK for Christians and Muslims.  The LGBT will try hard to silence religion in order to allow their lifestyle to be prevalent.  I am disappointed with Queen Elizabeth.  I thought she was a woman of conviction and morals.  Perhaps senility has kicked in?

Ironically, people of the same gender can marry now in the UK and any protest of that is called “discrimination,” yet a royal cannot marry a Catholic without breaking the law… go figure that one out.
We must pray for the United Kingdom.




  1. "No thought was given to the sanctity of marriage nor religious freedom."

    Religious freedom should include freedom from religion. If Christians don't wish to have gay marriages then no one is forcing them to.

    Likewise someone of a different religion, or no religion should be free of Christianity's views on the matter.

    That's freedom of religion - not the ability of one religion to impose it's belief on others.

    1. The problem is not about forcing anyone. It is about changing what is not the state's to change. Marriage is a sacred institution that no one has a right to alter, not even religion itself. If we allow alternate version of marriage, then what's to stop other changes from happening? The line needs to be drawn at what is natural and logical - male and female.


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