Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boobs and Buns

I was reading a few things online and found them amusing and had to write on them.  This is why I chose the title "Boobs and Buns" to make light of what I read.

Apparently, it is legal in NYC for a woman to go shirtless.   When I say shirtless, I don't mean wearing a bra, sports bra or even a bikini top.  I mean completely shirtless with the breasts exposed to the world.  Women in NYC can bare it all without issue from the cops.  As a matter of fact, the NYPD was instructed to leave women who do this alone and break up crowds that may form around her who are naturally curious to see some boobies.

The issue began in the early 90's when five women were arrested at Rochester.  The issue went to court (People v.Ramona Santorelli and Mary Lou Schloss) and the judge ruled that the women had a right to be shirtless in public.  These women of course are remnants of the hippies of the past who under the banner of "freedom" and feminism burned their bras in protest.

Another story involves a proposed law to ban what is called "sagging."  No.. this law does not
involve breasts... it involves a style of wearing - or not wearing - clothes.  "Sagging" is a style usually visible on males and sometimes lesbians in which their jeans/pants hang so low that underwear is visible to all.

In New Jersey, some politicians are taking the issue seriously by claiming that residents and visitors are complaining about the rear views as they try to enjoy some time on the Jersey Shore.  The style is usually visible on youngsters who don't seem to care much about who is viewing their undergarments and its contents.

"Sagging" supposedly originated from prison.  Prisoners are not allowed to wear belts, so pants sag low and cannot be contained so inmates simply leave them sagging.  Rappers and Hip Hop artists adopted the trend and their fans are now imitating them.  Moreover, it is also mentioned that sagging is a homosexual cue to attract a sex partner.  A theory exists that while in prison, inmates who may be homosexual or just sexually aroused, sag in order to signal others that he wants to be penetrated by another male - usually a well endowed one.  The display of his buttocks is an attempt to arouse other males and attract a sexual partner.   Another theory that goes around is that some guys want to show off their underwear brands in an attempt to show "social status" since not all underwear costs the same.

My thoughts
These stories are strange but interesting, to say the least.  The debate can go either way in my opinion.  Men and women have breasts, so why do men get to be shirtless and women must be clothed?  It seems unfair right?  Well unfortunately, our species is a species that sometimes cannot have full control of bodily desires.  We cannot shut off appetites of any kind with ease.  That being said, if women are allowed to walk bare-chested, rest assured that she will be sexually attacked in some way.  This may not be because she is "asking for it."  It is because there will be males who simply cannot control themselves.  They may be mentally ill or simply so aroused that they cannot help but attack a woman.

The body is good.  God made it.  We should not be ashamed of our bodies.  There is so much sexual taboo regarding female breasts, but they serve a function: the feeding of human offspring.  Round breasts exist on women, not only to identify her as female; but also to provide nutrition for her offspring.

As an apocrine gland, the breast produces milk with antibodies geared towards helping an infant develop.  Men find breasts attractive not because they are 'sexy' or what not, but because of this function.  Males are hardwired to find the best mate in order to produce the best offspring.  Women with the "best" breasts are perceived as more attractive because of this hard-wiring.  Because of this, I think it is wiser to have women cover up.  This is not because of any issues with equality, but for safety.

In regards to "sagging," I am all for freedom of expression; however, sagging is a bit silly, tacky and unhygienic.  It makes no sense to walk around with your pants hanging below your buttocks while your underwear is showing.  This makes it nearly impossible to walk with a good posture and simply makes the sagger look ridiculous.  Moreover, the exposing of the rear is unhygienic.  This is an area where human waste is released from the body.  When sitting or leaning on a surface, fecal matter and smells will bond with seats and other places where the buttocks rest.  This is disgusting and poses a health risk for those who sit or lean wherever the sagger was resting at.  Health risks also affect the sagger.  If a sagger is sitting on a bus seat, subway seats, park bench; the bacteria present on those surfaces can be transferred to the buttocks which may lead to boils or even abscesses.  The warm weather will further aggravate this because the area is prone to sweat/moisture and body heat that will increase bacteria growth.

Furthermore, since sagging can be interpreted as a signal for homosexual attraction, homosexual
men may mistake heterosexuals males for homosexual ones and a problem may arise if the former flirts with the latter.  There is also the issue of voyerism.  While reading on sagging, I noticed videos on youtube that show cell phone quality videos of saggers being stalked.

The videos were obviously recorded by voyeurs who seem to get off on watching the movement of a sagger's buttocks in a public area.  Unbeknownst to the sagger, he is being videotaped from behind and his parts are then displayed on the internet.  I seriously doubt that a guy would want someone following him and having his buns recorded by a cell phone camera.

In closing, there are a lot of crazy people out there.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  Women should cover up and guys need to wear their pants correctly.  A woman is not defined by her breasts.  Keeping them covered does not make her less equal than a male.  Moreover, a guy has no need to show his "booty" or "cakes" - as the youth call them - for the world to see.  This is behavior unbecoming of a heterosexual gentleman.

So ladies, keep the clothes on and guys keep the cakes in the bakery.                  


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