Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rolling Stone Crumbles

"RollingStone," the famous magazine is now in a big controversy.  They put Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the front cover with the title, "The Bomber, How a Popular, Promsining Student Fell Into Radical Islam and Became a Monster."  The issue covers the life of the young terrorist and presents theories regarding why he turned into a terrorist.

Many retailers have vowed not to carry the issue and victims of the Boston Marathon bombing as well as others are protesting it.  They claim that the issue is glorifying the terrorist, "slaps the victims in the face," and is in bad taste.

I agree with them 100%.  This demented kid should not be on the cover of popular magazine. "RollingStone" is a well known media outlet for its articles; however, this time, the "Rolling Stone" is due to its collapse and destabilization from the foundation of common sense.  How can they even dare put this evil guy on the front cover?  I understand writing an article on him and his actions like any other news outlet would, but why the front cover?  Is it because he is "cute" and seems to have captured the pity of some people because of his age?

I was appalled when he was being hunted down as I read tweets from women describing him as "sexy" and "cute."  Some were even tweeting not to kill him because they want to have his kids! Seriously?  This guy and his brother planned an attack on people and carried it out.  People had their limbs blow off, four people died, three from the bombings and one was gunned down by the brothers.  There is nothing "sexy" or "cute" about this guy, nor should anyone feel pity for him.  No woman should desire having his kids, he should be neutered.

He was of age to know what he was doing and even gloated about it, according to reports. Dzhokhar is not a small child who was brainwashed by his older brother.  He is a 19 year old man capable of deciding for himself.  In this case, he chose to join his older brother in doing evil.
Putting this terrorist on the front cover will inspire also psychopaths out there to hurt others in order to get attention.  Every psychopath enjoys attention; narcissim is part of their psyche.  They will see this issue as a reward.    

I hope RollingStone destroys every copy of this issue and apologizes to the victims.  If they are going to do a story on this evil guy, then he should be on the last page, and the money made from it should go to the victims.




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