Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catholicism Spring

Pope Francis is spring cleaning house!  He is representing his new name well by the way he has been preaching the Gospel by example and directly engaging the Church's internal problems.

When Pope Francis was elected, immediately most Catholics knew that changes would be coming. His "style" and personality immediately caught the attention of the media and non-Catholics as well. Even atheists were happy with the "new guy."

Pope Francis sitting in the back instead of in the front.
Pope Francis refused to live in the Papal apartment and instead chose to stay at St. Martha residence citing that he wanted to be with the people and not isolated.  Moreover, he celebrates Mass with the employees there and eats at the cafeteria with them.

He paid his hotel bill immediately after becoming Pope, and has made it a priority to not be treated like some celebrity.  He is against the "personality cult."

Recently, he refused a concert in his honor and called his homeland's Cathedral requesting that a statue of him be removed. For Holy Thursday, he requested to go wash the feet of prisoners and last week invited 200 homeless people to dine at the Vatican. telling that that the Vatican was their home and they are welcome there.  He even told priests to live in poverty and not own expensive cars or items!    

Statue of Pope Francis that he asked to be removed.
Pope Francis is renewing the Church from within.  He is engaging the corruption within the Curia, as well as the homosexual lobby that exists there.  Today, he issued a Motu Propio amending the Vatican's laws.  Penalties for crimes at the Vatican have been increased, and the laws have been updated.

This Motu Propio is significant because it shows that he is serious about combating child abuse, child pornography, and corruption in the Vatican and Catholic Church.

Credit must be given to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as well who initiated the clean up process. He even left a report for the next Pope to continue the work.

I am happy for our Holy Father and fully support him.  Let us pray for him as he continues to clean up the Church and confront the challenges outside of her.  Let us also join him in cleaning the Church.  


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