Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Twitter Abuse Changes

Those of you who have twitter know that they have different ways of reporting abuse.  The most common way is to use the spam button.  However, these features don't always work.  Because of its inadequacy, abusers have free reign to abuse other users.  This was the case with the suspended accounts @rosarubicondior and @deepsearch, etc.  It took many reports, but finally they were removed.

Twitter can be a fun place.  Its purpose is not to have debates, but to post short status updates.  This is similar to Myspace's and Facebook's status updates which others can't wait to update with a sense of self-importance.  However, twitter has often become a place where bullying, harassment and even rape and death threats have become far too common.

Recently, a British activist,  Caroline Criado-Perez started a petition to forced the hand of Twitter to pay more attention to the abuse that goes on among Twitter users.  Perez was harassed online and received angry tweets threatening to rape and kill her.  When I started twitter, I too received tweets from 2 atheists saying they will kill my family.  I reported it to Florida police since their accounts were traced to that area.

This kind of abuse has to stop.  Not only are these threats serious, but also defamation of character tweets.  The atheist accounts I had suspended were suspended for promoting links with falsehoods claiming I am a high school child who went to a seminary that never existed.   I'm still reporting whoever is promoting these lies and am taking legal action against the originator of this libel.

I'm glad Twitter finally is waking up and is making changes after Perez started a petition.  They will add a report button to each tweet so users can make a report whenever they receive an abusive tweet.   I hope that with the absence of these abusive people, twitter can be a fun and safe place for all to post status updates.

Don't be afraid to report anyone abusive.  This is not an attack against free speech.  Email me for a list of abusive accounts that I constantly make twitter aware of.   






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