Friday, June 22, 2012

With Age Comes Wisdom

With Age Comes Wisdom - these words are not new.  They have been said throughout generations and have their origin in Oscar Wilde.   How true are Mr. Wilde's words!

A survey conducted by researchers at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago using data collected by the General Social Survey showed that as we age our belief in God grows stronger.

This makes sense because as we age we settle within ourselves better.  We mature more emotionally and intellectually eventually accepting the life we have and our surroundings as opposed to when were teens and rebelled or were "know it all" college age kids.

Previous studies show that as we age we become more conservative - conservative as in keeping values and beliefs, not in the political sense.  

So why are there atheists?

God is a heavy subject for some.  Atheists run from God for many reasons.  They do not understand and are often stuck in the adult version of object permanence.  If it's not there in front of me, then its not there...  or so they claim.   This shows intellectual immaturity and sloth.  

As young people, we want to explore and push our senses to the limit.  Since the spiritual realm is remote from the senses, this makes it hard for some to accept God.  However, as we age, the dust we kicked up in life begins to settle and we see that God is indeed there - life makes more sense.  We are not just animals responding to stimuli.    

Kudos to all the young people who do believe already and remain firm despite the chic so-called rationalism that is contaminating universities and high schools.  This pseudo-rationalism pushes atheism, agnosticism and skepticism as the norm for an academic.  

"With age comes wisdom" - May Mary pray for all of us and show us God, she who is the Seat of Wisdom!    


  1. I'm sad to say that we Christians are in part responsible for the number of atheists. We often portray a God that is judgmental, autocratic, and petty. We have used God to justify horrible deeds. We have used God to shame those who have done nothing other than try to live their lives as loving, caring people.

    We need to look into our own hearts to better understand why atheism is so compelling. Jesus never tried to argue the existence of God. Jesus lived the love of God. And that was the most compelling argument of all.

    If we want people to believe in God, it is our responsibility to show them a God worth believing in.

    Pax Christi!

    1. I gotta say that you are awesome for saying that. Personally I have no problem with people wanting religion, it's just not for me. I have witnessed or been a victim to way to many events by Christians to ever think it is a good thing for me. If more people realized that not everything needs to be controlled by the bible, and people are good without god, then the world would be a much better place.

  2. "God is a heavy subject for some. Atheists run from God for many reasons. They do not understand and are often stuck in the adult version of object permanence. If it's not there in front of me, then its not there... or so they claim. This shows intellectual immaturity and sloth."

    it's not object permanence as it is there is no scientific or logical confirmation of god. i not even going to pull up that god cannot exist because of a certain logical contrediction that includes a giant rock.

    However if you can prove their is a god, i will gladly surrender my atheism

    1. You worded it better than I would have. The day the author of this tripe has any evidence of any god, particularly the Christian one, we'll look at it - but they'd be the first ever to provide it.


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