Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama allows young "illegals" to stay

“This is not amnesty, this is not immunity.  This is not a path to citizenship.  It's not a permanent fix.  This is a temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people.”  - Obama

With these words President Obama opened pandora's box.  Obama put a halt to the deportation of youth who are illegal in the United States of America.  Supposedly these young people were brought to the United States of America by their parents or other adults and were too young to realize what was going on.  They then were raised in the United States of America, but do not have legal status.  

For decades, the government has tried to figure out what to do with these young people.  Many have been deported already, but some feel this is not the right thing to do because they came here through no fault of their own.  I remember graduating with some of them who now have college degrees that are useless because they do not have legal status.

While I understand the argument that there was not fault involved, the country must protect its borders.  In this time of Terrorism, the government cannot let anyone live in this country undocumented, basically invisible.   It is also not fair that these illegal immigrants engage in identity theft and then feel entitled to enjoy the same benefits Americans enjoy as citizens.  

Puerto Ricans had to get new birth certificates for this very reason.  Birth certificates were voided and Puerto Ricans had to verify their identities to receive new ones.  This is not fair.  Where was President Obama at?  Why didn't he protect Puerto Ricans who are Latino and USA citizens?  

A better method must be developed to handle the problem of undocumented youth.  If these youth really want to contribute to American society, then they should do the right thing and become citizens first.   It is not fair to demand things, use American resources and not even bother to become a citizen.  That is greed and stealing.    


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