Saturday, June 16, 2012

5th Grader's "Gay Marriage" Speech

Kameron Slade, a 5th grader at PS 195 in Queens, New York has been the subject of controversy for wanting to read a speech regarding so-called "gay marriage."

The principal of PS 195 feels that the speech is inappropriate.  I agree with the principal.  I am happy this young man is very self aware and writing on topics that are adult orientated; however, the key word is 'adult.'

Slade is in the 5th grade.  Kids at this age are not mature enough to comprehend relationships of any kind.  Unfortunately, some adults pressure kids to grow up too quickly and corrupt their little minds in the process.  This child is obviously brain washed by an adult.  There is no way a 5th grader would focus on this topic.

This is a topic that should be discussed among adults and in a college level setting, possibly upper high school level as well depending on the maturity of students.

It is sad that this social engineering tactic is reaching the youth.  This young man does not understand the gravity of tampering with marriage.  Kids are impressionable and the presentation of any social constructivism in a chic manner will allow for the total assimilation of that ideology by them.

When I was Slade's age, I was more concerned with having fun with my family and friends, school, playing sports and Nintendo, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Bros Super Show and so on.  I was aware of marriage, sex etc, but those were topics that I did not care for at that age.  When puberty hit, that is another story...

Nevertheless, despite the principal's disapproval,  Chancellor of New York's Board of Education granted Slade permission to read his speech.

That was a big mistake.


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