Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nun Crackdown

The Vatican is cracking down on a Religious Sister's conference due to its dissidence and anti-Catholic rhetoric. 

An Archbishop is being sent to watch the group, help rewrite its statutes and fix its programs and goals so that they better reflect true Catholicism. 

My response is:  IT'S ABOUT TIME!

For far too long some people: clergy, religious and lay have abused Vatican II by creating their own pseudo Catholicism.  This Catholicism is an anything goes type of thing.  The teachings of the Church are sifted through and the ones that are "tolerable" are kept and the others are thrown out. 

Radical Feminism is pushed as well as other political social issues that usually those who call themselves Liberals and Progressives are fixated on.  These issues are of course: contraception, abortion, homosexuality, social justice, women in the priesthood and so on.

I am glad the Vatican is stepping up patrol and is cleaning house.  We cannot have people representing our Church with their position and vows in order to deceive others about our Faith. 

I remember attending a novitiate retreat where these nuns were dancing around the Altar like if they had just consumed large quantities of marijuana!  If that is not bad enough, they developed their own Liturgy of hours where at the Glory be they would say something to the effect, "Glory be to the Creator, to Love and to the Spirit..."  I would return the favor by saying GLORY BE TO THE FATHER AND TO THE SON AND TO THE HOLY SPIRIT in a louder voice making an emphasis on the Triune Persons and how Jesus Himself called them. 

These kinds of things confuse people and turn them off from Catholicism.  How can one believe in anything of the Catholic Church when we have nuns and priests twisting things around? 

I think every seminary, Diocese, religious order should be cracked down as well.  The filth that has entered our Church must go, I have a weak stomach...



  1. Not wanting to throw a stone. But denouncing someone as "filth" is not exactly Christian. "See how they love each other" is unfortunately not in this post.

    1. The "filth" in this context are the ideologies contrary to Church teaching which have entered these institutions, not persons. Do you see your misunderstanding?


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