Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rosa Rubicondior Gaffe - "Evolution gave us Science"

Tweeter @RosaRubicondior recently posted:

This is just not true.  Charles Darwin who formulated the theory that we now know as Evolution was born in 1809.  In 1214, Franciscan Friar Roger Bacon was born.   He developed the Scientific Method.  All scientists owe him for his invention of the Scientific Method.  

This method is still used today to find answers empirically by following certain steps in order to reach a conclusion based on evidence acquired.  The steps are then repeated in order to see if one gets the same or different results.  

Darwin himself used this method!  So did Einstein, even renown Physicists of today such as Steven Hawkings, Micchio Kaku, Alexei Filippenko.  If it wasn't for Friar Bacon, Darwin would not have had this method to use and the many theories on Evolution would have never existed.  Moreover, many scientific studies and discoveries would not have been made.    

The Catholic Church is the Mother of Western Science as we know it.  It is funny to see Atheists try to lay claim to Science, but that field belongs to Holy Mother Church.  The Vatican even has its own observatory and advanced scientific labs and libraries!   

I enjoy reading Rosa's blog, but had to respond to this gaffe.  I hope Rosa corrects it and/or clarifies better what the post really meant to say.  


  1. This argument doesn't hold up! It's a strawman argument! Roger Bacon may well have invented the scientific method, however where did Roger bacon come from? Was he not a product of evolution himself? If he was a member of the human race (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) then he himself was a product of evolution therefore Rosa's argument that without evolution there would be no science stands up perfectly well!

  2. Evolution is just a theory. It is not a scientific law. However, that is beside the point. You are claiming that species developing rational minds is the ultimate intention of Evolution. This is an Appeal to Ignorance. In order for your comments to be true you would have to:

    1) Prove Evolution had this intention of developing rational minds in a particular species.

    2) Prove that it is the intent of Evolution for Homo Sapiens to discover the theory.

    1. Evolution is not a theory! Don't be so obtuse! Check this out!

    2. I don't know what nation you live in, but in the United States of America and - to my knowledge - most of the world, evolution is a theory.

      " A scientific theory stands until proven wrong -- it is never proven correct" -

  3. My comments on Rosa's blog:

    SacerdotusApr 12, 2012 08:23 PM
    Rosa this isn't true. Science existed way before Darwin was born. Catholic Franciscan Friar Roger Bacon gave us the Scientific Method. He was born in 1214 and Darwin in 1809. It is wrong of you to claim that Science began when Darwin came up with his ideas regarding Evolution. The Catholic Church gave us Western Science as we know it.


    RosaRubicondiorApr 13, 2012 01:09 AM
    >Rosa this isn't true. Science existed way before Darwin was born.

    So you don't even understand the difference between invention and discovery and imagine that Darwin invented evolution. No wonder you generate such hilarity you make your ignorantly infantile announcements.

    SacerdotusApr 13, 2012 05:04 AM
    No it is you who are having trouble understanding words and syntax. Your post implies that Evolution gave birth to science and this is not true. It is a False Cause fallacy.

    Evolution is a theory. It is not a sentient being. The point I am trying to make is that for Darwin to discover Evolution or anything at all, he needed the Scientific Method which was developed by Friar Bacon hundreds of years before him.

    How can a theory that Darwin developed predate the means he used to discover it? It is like sending an email without having the invention of a computer take place first. You have a temporal paradox at hand.

    Moreover, if you intended to state that the process of Evolution helped Darwin discover it due to the capacity for intellectual inquiry it gradually gave certain species, then that in itself is flawed. You would need to prove that the intention of Evolution or any process in nature is to develop intelligence in particular species in order to make scientific discoveries.

  4. Sacerdotus doesn't understand the difference between a 'hypothesis' and a 'theory'.

    1. I hold degrees in the sciences. I understand very well what they are. It seems that you do not understand what they are. A 'theory' is not a law. They can be retracted or added on to as more evidence becomes available. Atheists seem to think that just because Evolution is labeled a 'theory' that the labeling automatically makes it infallibly true. This is not the case at all. The "theory of evolution" is what we believe happened based on what we found and tested. It is not an absolute truth.

  5. the catholic church except evolution. perhaps you need to re evaluate.


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