Friday, April 20, 2012

Bishop Daniel Jenky - "The Church WILL survive..."

Just listening to Bishop Jenky's homily gives me goosebumps and chills.  He is right on!  The Church will survive the attacks it has been receiving recently just as She survived attacks from the past.

We Catholics must stand up for what we believe and defend the Faith as the Bishop said.  For far too long some Catholics have remained silent.  They have kept their faith to themselves and went along with the flow of the world.  That has to end.  We must transform the world not let the world transform us.

Ignorant people say, "how dare he speak out against politicians and the government.. take away his tax exemption.."  this is a complete misunderstanding of the Church's role in society.  Tax exemption is not a gag order.  Under 501 C 3 Churches may not directly influence legislation or campaigns for political office.  In other words, the Church cannot endorse a candidate or coerce legislation to pass laws.  These ideas stem from early colonial times when the Puritan sect and others had great influence in politics.  This does not mean the Church cannot voice her opinion.  

The Church can speak freely on any issue since she has freedom of speech and religion.  Those who claim that the Church should lose her tax exempt status on the basis of speaking out against immoral activities have no understanding of the law whatsoever.

I hope more Bishops, Priests and Deacons speak out more like Bishop Jenky's did.  I hope the laity will back them up by using their temporal power to sway the nation to Christ.


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  1. Bravo to and all strongest possible support of Bishop Daniel Jenky and his authentic faith messages to his flock and to the world. In this increasingly dark time in America it is heartening to see A Shepard standing up and speaking out against the evil that the present regime is spreading like a cancer across the USA, knowing as Bishop Jenky does that "those who do not stand for something (worth standing for - God's Eternal Truth, God's Eternal Word!), fall for anything." One can only hope that authentic Archdiocese leadership in the USA, and the Vatican, will back him up in the face of certain coming onslaught and political reprisals and intimidations against him personally, as these are the tactics of the corrupt against the faithful. Exposed to the weakness and diluted messages of the Archdiocese of Washington, for example, where the PC has bewitched those weak ones, it is so refreshing to me to know that what "sells out in Peoria" is still God's inerrant and undiluted Truth. Let us all pray for Bishop Daniel Jenky, that his zeal for the orthodox faith will continue always unabated and that as his certain attackers arise to demonize him, and The Church, that they will fail miserably in every politically motivated attack. Thank you for standing for God's Eternal Truth and for sanity in a mad age, Bishop Daniel Jenky.


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