Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Listen To Laity On Contraception

Some priests from the Diocese of Pittsburgh met with Bishop Zubik regarding Contraception and the HHS Mandate.  Their advice to the Bishop was, "Listen to the Laity on Contraception."  Quickly progressives and others lauded these priests as if they were rebelling against their Bishop.  This is not the case.  Priests should always give feedback to their Bishop.

The Bishop cannot be in every place.  The Priest has more access to the Laity and can provide much insight on where they stand spiritually and temporally.  Contraception is a hot issue in the USA.  Some claim the Church's teaching on it is outdated and immoral.  However, they fail to see that Contraception is dangerous not just health-wise but spiritually.

With Contraception, man becomes God by becoming an end to himself.  Human beings dictate who is to be born, when and how.  Sex becomes a pass time of pleasure instead of an exchange of mutual love open to new life.

Contraception makes pregnancy, birth and children seem like a burden or a disease that must be prevented.  Granted, people don't always have the means to maintain a family.  But that is why God gave us reason and conscience.  We can prepare for a family by first getting an education, a stable good paying job, a savings account, and maturity.  Using pills, condoms and what not just opens the door to problems.

Having a child becomes a choice only for the woman instead of the couple.  How can love thrive in a dictatorship?  Children become a "commodity" - an "accessory" - instead of a blessing from God conceived in the love shared between a married man and woman.

Contraception causes harm to women such as blood clots, bleeding, nausea, hormonal imbalances, cancer, fertility problems and so on.  Now some may say, "you are a man, who are you to tell a woman how to run her body"  well true, I am and man; however, where is it written that men are to be heartless and let women or other men hurt themselves?

If your relative or friend, an acquaintance or stranger is about to drink poison, will you let them?

Why would a rational woman choose Contraception with all its dangers in place of just saying no to a sexual encounter?  This decision is safer and makes more sense.  It shows self mastery and maturity.  

Unfortunately, not all Catholics are informed on the teachings of the Church regarding Contraception.  Bishops and priests must work harder to educate the faithful on it and how it harms women, men, couples and society.

A good place to start is by reading Pope Paul VI's prophetic encyclical Humanae Vitae .  He got it right.  Everything he said would happen is happening now!

I do hope more Bishops do listen to the Laity and see where they stand so they can in turn reply with pastoral concern and proper catechesis.

Polls claim that 90% of Catholics use Contraception.  My questions are:  Who has the time to interview every Catholic?  What pervert is watching Catholics have sex so as to be able to know whether or not Contraception is being used?

Sex is good, but so are children.   Let's end this Anti-Life rhetoric.    


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