Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Support Bishop Jenky!

There is a saying we often use, "The Truth Hurts."  As expected, some were angered and "offended" by Bishop Jenky's homily where he exposed the downward path the United States of America and its leaders have taken.  

Bishop Jenky's also addressed the hypocrisy of elected officials who call themselves 'Catholic' when it suits them.  

These people when presented with bills and ideas that are contrary to their faith, morals and the common good just go with the flow and vote in favor of them.  

They disregard their principles.  Unlike St. Thomas Moore who was courageous and became a martyr for refusing to participate in corrupt politics that went against God and the Church; these politicians instead steer the country into a path of immorality.  

It seems that any strange philosophy becomes valid when there are supporters around it, the media presents it as a good, and checks come into the politician's campaign bursar.

The Bishop called everyone out on their hypocrisy.  He unmasked the subliminal agenda that seeks to restrict religious freedom in America.  It is no wonder why they are so rabid.  The wolf was unmasked and is foaming at the mouth.  

Bishop Jenky's has every right to proclaim 'Declension' just as ministers during colonial times in New England did when the colonies were in moral decay and distant from God.    

I am disgusted at how faculty of Notre Dame had the audacity to call for Bishop Jenky to resign from the university's board.  Who are they to decide who can use his/her freedom of speech and what consequences will come about from doing so?  

These faculty members help Bishop's Jenky's case.  They show that in fact there is a an agenda to silence religion in America.  

Professors are known for pontificating their views to students instead of educating them with the actual course material.  A lesson on slavery becomes a sermon against whites - us against them rhetoric.  A lesson on women's rights becomes a marketing opportunity for contraception and abortion.  A lesson on Dr. King and civil rights becomes a pro-gay call to action.  You get the point and if you went to college I am sure you have experienced this.    

This is unfortunate indeed.  It is sad that the youth can be very impressionable and quickly accept anything told to them by someone with a "Ph.D" degree.  What these professors teach our youth are ideas from the progressive movement which seeks to rewrite society into this anything goes chaos.  

I invite you to join me in contacting Notre Dame and counter protesting those professors who obviously have no purpose being in a Catholic university.  

Voice your concern that this Catholic university is defacing Catholicism and stirring up dissent.  Notre Dame has become Notre 'shame.'  

Let us call for the resignation of those faculty members who do not comprehend  freedom of speech, freedom of religion and what it means for a Catholic university to have a Catholic identity.    

University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Phone: (574) 631-5000

Katrina Barron, Mathematics
Laura Bayard, Library
Patricia Blanchette, Philosophy
Kevin Burke, IEI
Joseph Buttigieg, English
Robert Coleman, Art, Art History, and Design
Suzanne M. Coshow, Management
Mary Rose D’Angelo, Theology
Margaret Doody, English
Julia Douthwaite, Romance Languages and Literature
Kevin Dreyer, Film, Television, and Theater
John Duffy, English
Stephen M Fallon, Program of Liberal Studies & English
Carolina Arroyo, Political Science
Barbara J. Fick, Law School
Christopher Fox, English & Irish Studies
Stephen Fredman, English
Laura Fuderer, Library
Agustin Fuentes, Anthropology
Patrick Gaffney, Anthropology
Jill Godmilow, Film, Television, and Theater
Daniel Graff, History
Stuart Greene, English
David Hachen, Sociology
Richard Herbst, Law School
Peter Holland, Film, Television, and Theater
Raúl Jara, Institute for Latino Studies
Felicia Johnson-O’Brien, Center for Social Concerns
Janet A. Kourany, Philosophy
Sean T. O’Brien, Irish Studies
Julia Marvin, Program of Liberal Studies
Maria McKenna, Africana Studies
Mark McKenna, Law School
Sarah McKibben, Irish Studies
Dianne Pinderhughes, Africana Studies & Political Science
Ann Marie R. Power, Sociology
F. Clark Power, Program of Liberal Studies & IEI
Ava Preacher, College of Arts and Letters
David Ruccio, Economics
Valerie Sayers, English
Kristen Shrader-Frechette, Philosophy & Biological Sciences
Anne Simons, Psychology
John Sitter, English
Cheri Smith, Library
Donald Sniegowski, Emeritus-English
Laura Walls, English
Robert E. Walls, American Studies & Anthropology
Andrew Weigert, Sociology
Richard Williams, Sociology

If the nonsense from these professors isn't bad enough, a so called "reverend" has filed a complaint against the Bishop.  Barry Lynn, of Americans United for Separation of Church and State is claiming that Bishop Jenky's went against the IRS' tax exemption law that prohibits Churches from campaigning or supporting a candidate.  

Lynn either is extremely spiteful or cannot read/listen well.  He claims that the Bishop told Catholics not to vote for Obama and was "campaigning."  Bishop Jenky never said that nor was he campaigning!  

It is sad that this so-called 'reverend' prefers to side with Caesar than with God.  He is like those who shouted "Hosanna" to Christ and then before Pilate shouted, "Crucify Him!"  

Mr. Lynn whose side are you on?  A Christian is supposed to evangelize the world, not politicize Christianity.  

I urge you to contact Mr. Lynn and voice your concerns regarding his slander against the Bishop/Diocese, and his anti Catholic rhetoric.


Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/04/19/3565657/complaint-filed-with-irs-accuses.html#storylink=cpy
  • Email: americansunited@au.org
  • Phone: (202) 466-3234
  • Fax: (202) 466-2587
  • Address: 1301 K Street NW, Suite 850E, Washington, DC 20005

Catholics with conviction rise up!   Let us show these people that we will not be pushed around.  The Catholic Church will not be bullied by this minority of ignorant hateful people.  

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?  - Romans 8:31

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  1. This is a letter I sent to all my Catholic friends.

    Dear Catholic Friends,

    First of all, I know we don't all agree politically. I am just sharing my experience as food for thought.
    Two weeks ago during mass at a Catholic Church out of town, the Deacon had a discussion on politics and Church members should not be arguing. He talked about let's don't be a little more Catholic than someone else. Yall all know me and I could not let that one go. After mass, I engaged him in a conversation. I told him I have a bumper sticker that states U can not B both Catholic and pro-choice. He told me that it sounds like I am a little more Catholic. I asked him, if you vote for a pro choice candidate aren't you held responsible for that vote? He told me he was not God. I stated but it is moral conscience and you are held accountable for that so why wouldn't that mean your vote. He told me that was food for thought and he would think on it. I told him we could further discuss this the next time I am in town.
    I went to my Catholic Church and talked to my priest. I told him what happened and he of course said he would need to hear the entire context of the statements made. I explained that I feel as a Catholic we are responsible for our vote due to moral conscience. I told him my personal vision is you must view every babies face in purgatory for the period in which the person is in office. He just listened to me.
    I am certainly not trying to be a little more Catholic or be God. I know at one time I believed in pro-choice. It really bugged me to see men with signs at hospital entrances. I really felt as if we had so many homeless children already. I thank God, to my knowledge, I never voted for any pro-choice candidates. I certainly did not vote on anyone for pro-choice reasons.

    I do carry the burden of having two friends abort babies and I did not try to talk them out of it. One I might add was a Catholic girl. She ended up with breast cancer a few years later in her early thirties.

    The bumper sticker U can not B both Catholic and pro-choice, is what woke me up. I saw it on a car at the ocean and it was like a light came on. I call those God Sends.
    I am passing this info as food for thought. We need to unite as Catholics and come together. We do except the body and blood of Christ together. Can we morally vote to kill the unborn yet except the body and blood of Christ with clear conscience? I don't know the answer. I am open to discussion with anyone that would like to discuss it. As I have grown older, I see many mistakes I made as a Catholic. I have become much deeper in faith. Please feel free to pass this to other Catholics.

    Our Church values are under assault. This is the Easter season and it is time for us to reflect on our lives. Jesus lived and died for our sins. Is this our wake up call to become true Catholics or is that just a little more Catholic?

    You decide.

    God Bless,

    Linda Ray


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