Sunday, December 18, 2011

Genus Corvus just Crows...

Since Summer 2011 this young man @atheistcrow has engaged me on Twitter.  I have offered to entertain his inquiries on Facebook using the Discussions app which was discontinued on Oct 31st.    He did not want to follow through.

Recently for the last 2 weeks or so I have invited him here and all he does is dilly dally.  He claims I am a liar, and a fraud with no basis whatsoever.  

He is supposedly a man of reason, yet insists on using Twitter to discuss a heavy topic such as God knowing that Twitter puts users in "Jail" after a certain amount of tweets as this parody Twitter accounts shows Twitter Jail.

I can logically conclude that this kid is either a troll looking for attention, or does not have the intellectual confidence to discuss with me his issues with God and religion on a forum that is permanent and visible to all.


There is no "timeline" here that erases old tweets, nor any blocking features.  What you post stays.  Perhaps that is the reason why he is timorous?


  1. 'Twitter puts users in jail', Wow, I had better be careful. lol. Well written as usual Sacerdotus. You are a kind man. You treated him with respect. Well done!! markfromkent.

  2. Mother Teresa said, "can you see the face of Christ in the distressing disguise of an angry, bitter person?". I do not see the Lords face, but I believe Mother Teresa and seek His Face with patience and charity to the best of my limits. As I said, I used to walk in atheist, them agnostic shoes and the good Lord opened my eyes and heart . So, we ask Him to so this for others, in His time and His infinite wisdom. I ask the Lord to reveal and heal the deep hurts that often bind such as person. So he can be what the good Lord offers Him. Shalom

  3. Sad, but you can't be a plaintiff and a judge and juror at this same time in your OWN court. We only have one side of the affair; and that's yours! Let's hear from him before making up our minds. You can reach me on twitter on @dfewgoodmen

  4. A kind man? More like major douchebag. You twist peoples words, refuse to post your so called 'evidence' that you supposedly 'discovered', and try and threaten people with your alleged 'martial arts skills' yet offer nothing to back up anything you've ever said. Post your evidence sir and drop the nonsense. You accuse others of hiding behind the Internet, yet you won't even show your own face. It's pretty hard to take you seriously.

  5. Thanks Mark for your comment.

    Paula I agree. Most atheists are hurting and use their sarcasm and pseudo intellectual interest to hide their thirst for God. Think about it, why do atheists always feel the need to discuss God? I personally do not believe in Paganism. That being said, I don't go around engaging Pagans as Atheists engage believers. Paganism is not even in my scope of intellectual curiosity. So it begs the question of why Atheists are fixated on God and beliefs?

    Afewgoodman, this is not about a trial. It is about a young man who seems to want to discuss things but instead just beats around the bush. He wants to discuss God on a forum that limits you to 1000 tweets per day! Does that make sense? Furthermore, you have never discussed things with him. All he does is re-tweet words in order to get other Atheists into the discussion which furthers limits the tweets that can be used within that day. So while I am trying to answer him, I get others messaging me insulting me trying to distract. You are smart and I am sure would prefer discussing a heavy topic on a forum that has no limits correct?

    Anonymous, I never threaten anyone with any martial arts. One Atheist was being juvenile so I was trying to make light of his silliness.


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