Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today is December 12 and we celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas and of Unborn Children.

The Blessed Mother Mary in 1531 appeared to an indigenous man named Juan Diego.  While coming home from Mass, as he walked he heard the voice of a young girl calling him "Juanito."  He approached Tepeyac hill and saw this young girl wearing a pink robe with a green mantle.  She was beautiful and radiant as the sun.

She asked Juan Diego to go to the Franciscan Bishop Juan Zumarraga and request that a Church be built on the spot.  Diego did as told but the Bishop's workers did not allow him to see the Bishop at first.  When he was granted permission to speak to the Bishop, the Bishop did not believe him.  Juan Diego again went to the young lady and told her but she insisted once again that a Church be built.

The Bishop had been praying to the Blessed Mother for help because the Spaniards conquered the Aztecs and were treating them harshly.  This treatment made it hard for the Church to covert the natives from Paganism to Catholicism.  Juan Diego visited the Bishop again and told him, but the Bishop requested a sign or proof.

Juan Diego learned that his uncle was ill and was dying.

He went to see him to care for him.   The next day he was going to see his uncle and avoided going to see this young lady but she appeared before him telling him not to worry that his uncle will be healed and reassured him by saying, "am I not here who am your Mother?"  So Juan Diego met her at the usual spot and she told Juan Diego to pick roses from a nearby bush.

It was not the season for roses to bloom so it was strange to find beautiful roses present where she directed him to.  He took the roses in his Tilma or cloak that the Aztecs wore and brought them to her.  She touched them, arranged them and told Juan Diego to go to the Bishop and show him.

He innocently obeyed and went to see the Bishop.  Once there, he told the Bishop that he has the sign.  The Bishop and others looked on.  He told the Bishop what happened and then let go of the roses.  As the roses fell, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared.  The Bishop and all present fell to their knees.

It was true!  The Blessed Virgin Mary did appear and the Bishop promised to build a Church which is there today.  This took place 480 years ago.  News of this spread and millions of Pagan Aztecs were converted.  Mexico now is one of the largest Catholic nations.

This is awesome because Jesus used His Mother and a simple uneducated indigenous man to covert his own people.  Jesus did not need an intelligent theologian or skilled apologists.

The tilma has defied skeptics and atheists throughout the centuries.  Studies have shown that there was no paint used.  No coloring from minerals, animal or plants was found.  There are also no sketches or brush strokes.  This is according to Nobel Chemistry prize Chemist, Richard Kuhn.  Physicists and other textile experts cannot explain why this image did not fade, wear down or decompose despite being 400 years old and exposed to humidity, dust, heat and other elements.

Studies were also done on the eyes and they were discovered to contain the images of Bishop Zumarraga, other Franciscans and Aztecs.  It is though the image were an actual photograph of a real person with the reflection of what her eyes looked upon as the image was taken.

A few years ago, Hilary Clinton visited the Shrine and placed flowers.  She then asked, "Who painted this image?"  The Priest replied, "God."

This image is powerful then and even today.  The Aztecs who saw this image realized that this young girl wears the constellations which they worshiped!  She wears the Sun and stands on the moon, other natural objects they worshiped.  So she is basically more powerful than their 'gods.'  She literally OWNS THEM!

But, she has her head in a bow position showing there is someone more powerful than her and that is God, the real God.  The name "Guadalupe" comes from the Aztec word that means "who crushes the serpent."  The Aztec's principle god was "Quetzalcoatl" who was depicted as a serpent.  From Genesis we read that Satan is depicted as a serpent and the Woman and her offspring will crush his head.  Interesting right?

It is also interesting to note that the black bow she is wearing is what was used by the natives to show a woman was with child.  So in this image, she is pregnant with Jesus Christ!  This is why she is invoked under this title when praying for an end to abortion.

May Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for the Americas, the Mexican people and especially for the Unborn.  May she help end abortion just like she helped end the Pagan religion of the Aztecs which sacrificed babies to false gods.

May she bring many to conversion here and abroad in a world where empirical evidence is requested for faith to be accepted.  She gave proof then, may She continue to give proof now.  

Oh Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of Life,
We honor you as Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Thank you for pointing us to Jesus your Son,
The only Savior and hope of the world.

Renew our hope in him,
That we all may have the courage to say Yes to life,
And to defend those children in danger of abortion.

Give us your compassion
To reach out to those tempted to abort,
And to those suffering from a past abortion.

Lead us to the day when abortion
Will be a sad, past chapter in our history.

Keep us close to Jesus, the Life of the World,
Who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.


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