Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"God Particle"

On Tuesday December 13, 2011  Physicists at the CERN made a big announcement regarding the elusive "Higgs Boson" or "God Particle."

This particle is believed to be what gives mass to the entire universe.   Yes "believed" to be.. ironic right?  Isn't "belief" a religious and superstitious concept?  Not at all.  Science and Faith are based on belief.

Anyhow, the LHC or Large Hadron Collider was activated to see if evidence of this particle can be observed.

Some hints were found but not enough to exceed the 3.0 Sigma requirement for data to be considered true evidence.  Sigma as we know is a Statistical calculation.  The detectors within the Collider are called ATLAS and CMS.  ATLAS produced a calulation of 2.3 Sigma while CMS produced a 1.9.  If a calculation of 5.0 Sigma is reached, then that is considered a discovery.  Physicists were hoping for the latter.

The search continues.  This particle is important because it will give more substance to the Standard Model, or a theory of how everything (matter, particles, energy -electromagnetic, nuclear) is held together and how it works in unison.  It is basically a "blueprint" of the material universe.

From a Faith perspective, this will show empirically that the universe from the largest object to the smallest particle is organized intelligently.  Chance is not a factor in this at all.  These particles were not floating around and then one day just decided to collect and work with each other the way they do to form the universe and life.

This particle can help Science not only learn about the Universe, but also see the design behind it and how it has purpose or intention and was not created by accident.

I hope on the next attempt, we will get a 5.0 Sigma.  Physics has always fascinated me since I was a child.   What is the point of learning about Biology, Psychology, Math, Geology etc. if we do not know what makes everything and holds it together?   It is the foundation of existence in the material sense.  We need to know!  


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